Reader's Indigestion (Ron Buchheim) - Sabrina - Spring 1967 - 32 pages

This is a strange little book with an unknown (to me) past.  The publisher (Sabrina?) has no record of a history on the internet.  There is no address for the publisher or even a country of original.  There is also no price or copyright statement shown anywhere.  But, it is a decent-looking parody of Reader's Digest created by 15 people with ordinary names (except Larry Dilg and Miller Crouch).  The front cover is the best part, showing 221 pages of various unusual titles, none of which actually appears on the inside.  For example, "TV Violence is Ruining our Children" by "Richard Speck"; and the condensed version of "Encyclopedia Britannica" that begins on page 200.  According to the fake index: "Over 7 copies sold in 2 different cities".  However, it is all downhill after that.  Inside stories are mainly racist, misogynistic and mean-spirited with a multitude of run-on sentences designed to exactly fill a particular page.  There are also 11 ill-conceived advertisement parodies with full-page photos of young college-age, or just-out-of-college-age non-actors.  It is no wonder that time has forgotten Sabrina.  [JAM 11/2/2016]

Wrap-Around Cover - Digest-type index with drawing of butterflies, a cow and three strange-looking birds (artist: Miller Crouch)
Inside Front Cover - Discovering a Magic World by "Leslie B. Worthington" (fake testimonial)
1 - Cover the Grey Half (ad parody)
2 - Life - In These United States? (letters)
3 - Quotable Quotes (not really)
4 - Ford (ad parody)
5 - Police And Brutality - Do They Exist? by "Throckmond Nutcracker"
7 - Colt 45 (ad parody)
8 - When the Truth Must Be Told by "Millie Fennypether"
9 - Peck & Peck (ad parody)
10 - My Most Unforgettable Character by "Alfred N. Packerderm"
11 - Homey Bloopers
12 - Piping Rock (ad parody)
13 - Our Middle-Class, Middle-of-the-Road, Middle-Aged, Middle-Headed Youth by "M. Ilke Tohste"
15 - Condensed Classics (King James' Collected Works)
16 - Wlkinson Sword Blades (ad parody)
17 - First Person Award by "Marvin Mondayn"
18 - Depress Section (fake news stories)
19 - Should a Gentleman Offer a Banana to a Woman? (ad parody)
20 - Uniform Humor (letters/jokes)
21 - Condensed Classics (Gettysburg Star Clarion, 1863)
22 - Maidenform Bra (ad parody)
23 - Inflation: A Burdenon [sic] Our Grandchildren by "Gary U. S. Bond"
26 - Cologne of London (ad parody)
27 - My Second Most Unforgettable Character by "Alfred N. Packerderm"
28 - Body by Fisher (ad parody)
29 - The Foot - Mother Nature's Masterpiece by "O. M. Pheyte"
30 - Building Militant Word Power (nonsense)
31 - Book Section: Horizontal Secretary by condensed from the book by "T.R. Ash" (one page)
32 - English Rubber (ad parody)
Inside Back Cover - A Forum for Democracy by "Lyndon B. Johnson" (fake testimonial); Previews: Next Month