Reader's Digress (D.R. Pangloss) - Cornell Widow - March 1959 - 27 pages

Unlike The Reader's Digest and the 1949 Columbia Jester parody (The Reader's Dijest) at 5.5 x 7.5 inches, this Cornell Widow parody is presented at full magazine size (8.5 x 11.5 inches).  It is also very slim at 27 pages.  In fact, all of the best jokes are on the classic cover that shows a dinosaur nature scene by artist "Craig".  The cover 33 condensed stories plus a "Book Section" ("Bomba! -- Nairobi Exposed") that starts on page 708.  The first of the 33 "Articles of Utter Indifference" is "Let's Atom Bomb the Russian Bastards" by "Anonymous".  "D. Scholl" has three articles: "Help Stamp Out Athlete's Foot" on page 42; "The Growing Horror of Athlete's Foot" on page 82; and "Athlete's Foot Can Kill You" on page 142 by "The Late D. Scholl".  But, it is all bait-and-switch as the interior gives us only eight stories and some fillers.  The stories are primarily rambling and ironical.  The editorial staff includes Eddie Fisher, Marquis de Sade, Churchy La Femme, Omar Khayyam Nasser et Steinmetz (Arabic edition) and many other unusually-named individuals.  This Cornell parody looks good and provides minutes of fun if you do not actually try to read the articles.  [JAM 8/28/2015]

Front Cover - Prehistoric Scene (painting by Craig)
3  Limerick Laughter (real ad for L&M, Chesterfield and Oasis cigarettes)
4  List of editors
7  It Pays to Augment Your Vocabulary by Sir Guy Carleton (filler)
9  The Invidious, Insidious, Perfidious Nature of Socialized Drinking by J. Arnskey
10 Towards More Picaresque Speech by P. Picasso, Valencia, Spain (filler)
11 The Least Forgetable Character I Ever Met by Orval F. Ruffing
13 Horning In (filler)
14 Reader's Digress Reports on Snuff by Lester Vobel Perrin (drawing by Gilbert)
15 Bridging the Gap; Scientific Attitude (filler)
16 Mutual of Omaha (ad parody)
17 The Truth About Our Town (condensed from The Kiplunger Letter)
18 Book Section: Root Beer After Dinner (condensed from the book by Francine Sanguine)
21 Life in These United States
22 What Pre-Frontal Lobotomy Can Do For You by Ezra Pond
23 Fate Takes a Hand (filler)
25 The Best Advice I Ever Got by Vladimir O'Brien (drawing by Gilbert)
26 Essence of Parliament by Mrs. W.C., London, England (filler)
Back Cover - L&M cigarettes (real ad)