Qua Brot (Kyle Hailey) - 1985 - 64 pages

Almost 20 years after Squa Tront set the standard for EC fanzine, editor & publisher Hailey burst upon the scene with this excellent fanzine published as "#1".  We are still waiting for #2.  This classic work of fandom is loaded with art from Frazetta, Wood, Krenkel, Wolverton and others.  The articles on William Gaines and Jerry DeFuccio are excellent.  "Associate Editor" Bhob Stewart (1937-2014) delivered one of his best artist profiles with the nine-page "RGK" about the reclusive artist Roy Krenkel who worked with Frazetta and The Fleagles.  This publication is clearly as good as any issue of Squa Tront and it deserves to be part of the post-EC discussion.  Qua Brot is dedicated to George Snowden (1935-1984) who died before he could see his article published.  [JAM 2/12/2015]