Punch Goes Playboy (William Davis) - Punch Publications Ltd. - 1971 - 34 pages


Punch was a weekly "humour" magazine operating out of London, England since 1841.  The last issue of Punch (to date) was published in 2002.  In 1971, Punch devoted a complete issue to a parody of another magazine (Playboy) for the first time in its 130-year existence.  And, they did an excellent job of it, keeping it short and sweet as a parody should be.  The artwork is professionally delivered throughout.  The writing is also top-notch although most of the articles conclude mid-sentence to be continued at a non-existent page.  The centerfold is a four-page drawing of Hugh Hefner (Did we really need that?) that was presented to Hefner at his Chicago mansion.  The best of the articles is the "Ribald Classic: fleshly sceptre" but there are quality bits of humor on every page.  Rather than trying to quote the best of them, I have placed examples adjacent to the various pages in the following index. [JAM 2/7/2017]

Front Cover - Julie Ege surrounded by barbed wire
Inside Front Cover - Hallmark Electric Hot Styling Comb/Brush (real ad)
623 - Playbill  ("Chicago-based mammary bank currently heading US skinflints under the chic aegis of ... Hefner")
624 - Contents
625 - The Playboy Advisor; satyr cartoon by "Didene"
626 - Bedroom cartoon by "Intalandi"
627 - Playboy Interview: Gaylord Rinsse ("the sixth natural son of a manufacturer of birdcage furniture")
628 - Man-eating plant cartoon by "Gohon Wilsan"
629 - Rowing cartoon by "ffolkes"
630 - A Lack of Principle by "Grahame Green" (drawing by William Hewison) ("Fuhr always made Tremlin think of an armchair: heavy-featured, and leaning slightly bavkward with his arms out forward")
632 - Guess Who's Coming for Dinner? by "Thomas Moria" ("soak the girl overnight in a marinade")
633 - Old stripper cartoon by "ffolkes"; Zeus goose cartoon by "A. Ericson"
634 - Pot or Anal Hang-Up? by "Morton Krimhoretz" (drawing by "KM") ("with these urban, exurban, and inter- and intra-urban pressures, is it at all surprising that campus unrest is the virulent and febrile manifestation that it is?")
636 - I Don't Know How You Keep It Up by "Vagas"
637 - Fleshly Sceptre by "Mahmoud Jenkinson" (drawing by Brad Hewland) ("Thou hast the sceptre of Understanding and I have its true privy socket")
638 - Nudist Colony drawings by "John Dumpsey"
639 - Black Power cartoon by "Buck Brawn"
Centerfold - Playmate of the Month (drawing by Trog)
640 - Snarkshooters by "Stavros Niarchos, as told to J.P. Getty" ("a tale of expedition and genuine observation to regale (continued p. 1,651)")
641 - Burdensome Beasts sarcasm/drawings by "J.B. Handelsman"
642 - Bunny Submarine by "Simon Kesselring" ("Built at a cost of around $800,000,000, she can cruise for days on end at a scorching thirty knots or so")
645 - What Sort of Man Reads Playboy? ("Playboy readers account for 89% of all mail order sales of shortie nighties, cutaway bras, fluorescent leather panties, long macintoshes, and convictions for indecent exposure")
646 - How Pliny Fluck Nearly Got What He Wanted and Almost Lost a Finger by "Genes Sheepherder" (drawing by "Guy Kibbee with regr'ts to AR") ("It was a hot and muggy evening in boiling Bedspring Falls and everybody who was (continued on page 527)")
648 - All-Time Music Scene by "Nat Henfott" ("Liszt, Orpheus, Alpert, Paganini, Henry VIII, Ringo Starr, Shankar, Lennon/McCartney, Segovia, Presley, Beethoven, Bach, Bacharach, Mancini, Berlin. Tchaikovsky, Quincy Jones, Gershwin, Dylan, Webb, Sousa, Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Porter, Brubeck. Mozart, Ellington")
650 - Playboy Party Jokes
651 - Playboy Gifts
652 - The Girls of Poland
655 - Casting cartoon by "Smilby"
656 - Next Month's Playboy
Inside Back Cover - Not What It Was ... (tribute to Playboy's editors)
Back Cover - Kool cigarettes (real ad)