Pseudo Scientific American (Stuart Brody) - M.I.T. Voo Doo - December 1958 - 28 pages

The brains at M.I.T. thought that Scientific American would be a perfect subject for their magazine parody in 1958.  They were wrong.  They should have realized that it takes more than page after page of run-on paragraphs to make a parody work.  They forgot to make it funny.  The result was 28 pages of absolute, unfunny nonsense.  It is all downhill after the Letters page.  Do not try to read this book.  It will give you a headache.  [JAM 8/10/2020]


Front Cover - Bierstein's Experiment - Chem Lab & Beer Cans
1   Staff Listing
2   The Rant Corporation (ad parody; drawing by George Luedeke)
3   Index  ["The History of Witchcraft", "Anti-Party Theory" & "Mathematical Games" are not in this magazine]
4   List of Illustrations
5   Bell Telephone Lavatories (ad parody)
6   Letters; Computer Kits (ad parody)
8   1500 Years Ago
9   Thomas Alva Smeerp Electronics Corporation (ad parody)
10  The Authors (not really)
11  Kodiak (ad parody)
12  Organic Chemistry - An Expose
15  Anti-Gravity
18  Pseudo Science and the Citizen
19  Prestressed Gingerbread
20  The Migration of Automata
22  The Control of Sex
26  The Amateur Scientist
28  Bibliography