A Promised Land (Barack Obama) - Crown Publishing - 2020 - 751 pages

This is an important history book but it is also the first-hand account from the un-ghosted pen of the President of the United States.  And, it is only Volume One of Obama's journey in politics.  A Promised Land takes us from his childhood through his difficult decisions during his first term as president.  Better than any book I have read, this one tells the reader what it is like to be president.  It is unfortunate that the book was not available for his predecessor to read, if he would.  Obama entered the White House at the peak of the housing collapse during the great Bush recession.  In addition to the serious financial situation and unprecedented unemployment he faced, Obama had to deal with two wars (Iraq & Afghanistan), an obstructionist Republican party led by Mitch McConnell, and the wackos in the "Tea Party."  In spite of the obstacles, Obama had a very successful presidency.  This book tells how he did it.  It flows well because of his charming command of the English language.  I look forward to Volume Two.  [JAM 12/8/2020]