Prince Violet (Roy Thomas/Wally Wood) - Topps Krazy Little Comics (8 pages - 2.5" x 3.5")

This is a parody of the Prince Valiant comic strip by Hal Foster (1892-1982).

The front page shows Prince Violet playing a guitar in a hair-band similar to The Beatles ("I wanna holdeth your hand!").  Drummer has a turkey drumstick and a mace.  The color in the characters is offset probably on purpose as was often seen in the Sunday funnies.

Page 2 - The Prince (with a bunny on his chest) is humming "It's been a hard day's knight ..." as he rides away from his wife ("Alotta") and five children with same hairdo and tunic as his.  Castle has a doorbell.

Page 3 - The Prince wins a joust with "Knight of the Green Gartersnake" singing "It was joust one of those things ..."  The green knight's horse is wearing roller skates.  The green knight's lance has a sight on it.

Page 4 - The Prince wins a joust with "Knight of the Purple Peachpit" singing "If ever I would cleave you ..."  Prince Violet's horse has a Superman blanket on it.  The purple knight's horse is on a skateboard.  Castle in background is "FOR RENT."

Page 5 - The Prince then meets "the only foe he cannot fearlessly face."  Prince Violet's hair is shown to be a wig with a tag: "RETURN TO RINGO STARR."

Page 6 - The Prince and his "GIFT" horse retreat from the formidable foe as a jack-o-lantern passes overhead ("Oops ... wrong legend"). The Prince's horse blanket is from the "CAMELOT HILTON."

Page 7 - The Prince and his horse are completely white after being struck by the Ajax white knight.  Oliver J. Dragon of Kukla, Fran & Ollie has been watching the battle.

Page 8 - Ad parody is for "Kong Ent." that will sell one a giant pet monkey "able to fit you in the palm of its hand" for $18.95.