Preyboy (David B. Axelrod) - UMass Yahoo - June 1964 - 40 pages

This East Coast version of "Preyboy" is not quite as polished as the one produced by the UCLA guys in the same month.  The artwork is also mostly sub-standard.  Since credits are missing from many of the articles, it is hard to know who to blame.  For example, one articles drags on for seven pages to explain why "there won't be any pictorial feature on Valdosta State College this month."  Some of the articles (i.e. "Postpaid in a Brown Paper Wrapper") do not appear to belong here at all.  Perhaps it is just as well that writing credits were withheld.  "Silver Steinberger" is fairly good but "Little Fanny Hill" is a complete disaster.  Read this one at your own risk.  [JAM 4/4/2016]

Front Cover - Bugs Bunny wearing a tuxedo
1  Inferial ad parody by Rog Jones
3  Dear Preyboy; Hefner cartoon by Abe Spencer
4  The Preyboy Philosophy by "Ya Hoofner"
5  Old Panther ad parody; desert island cartoon by "Phil Intercourse"
6  Preyboy After Ours
8  Contents for the Dreamers Entertainment Magazine
9  School Zone cartoon by "Gaham Wilson"
10 Nudist colony cartoon by "John Dumps" (drawing by R.J.)
11 The 1964 Preyboy All-Stars
14 There won't be any pictorial feature on Valdosta State College this month
16 Postpaid in a Brown Paper Wrapper
18 Yes, Doctor: A New Thames Bond Thriller by "Ian Flem"
19 Preymate of the Month by Renoir
22 Preyboy Panty Jokes
23 Silver Steinberger at U. Mass. (drawings by "Shel Silverjones")
27 Towel cartoon by R. Mumme
28 Fluschmann's ad parody
29 Bar bunny cartoon by "Sokool" [no caption]
30 Little Fanny Hill by Everett Spencer
33 Symbolic Sex
36 The Philosopher by "Jules Caesar"
38 Iodine ad parody
39 Handkerchief cartoon by "Clod" (drawing by R.J.)
Inside Back Cover - Next Month
Back Cover - GT&E (real ad)