Ployboy (Courtlandt D. B. Bryan) - Yale Record - February 1958 - 86 pages

The editors at Yale Record had an annoying habit of issuing their magazine parodies with two covers.  The first cover shows the rabbit-hole-in-the-head logo with "The Yale Record" and "Playboy Parody"  in large black letters as if the undergrads at Yale would be confused by "Ployboy" as just another newsstand magazine.  The second cover is quite good with a typical Playboy-like female pose (although intentionally over-dressed).  But, the second cover is minimized by the over-cover that adds nothing to the intended humor.  Ployboy has the look of a late 1950s issue of Playboy but is much too long for a parody of same.  Some of the articles stretch on and on with run-on paragraphs of excessive length.  "Fit To Be Tied",  "The After Dinner Cigar" and "Caribbean Caper" seem like fillers that are more tedious than humorous.  The best humor in the issue is "Mike Callace Interviews Ployboy" by "Gosh".  Callace (not Wallace) conducts an insult-laden interview of "Huff N. Puffer" (not Hugh M. Hefner) and rarely allows the "smutty magazine" publisher to defend his product.  On the fifth page of the article (page 81), the interview is hijacked by numerous interlopers (thinly-disguised filler?) including Kerouack, Salinger, Hemingway, Mary Worth, Rex Morgan, Dondi, Little Orphan Annie, Sandy, Smilin' Jack, Junior, Chaucer, Vergil (speaking in Latin), Baudelaire, and Elsa Maxwell.  The artwork is very good. The full-color, full-page bedroom/"too sophisticated for words" drawing by "Jack Dempsey" is loaded with nuanced humor that pokes fun at Playboy and at the editorial limits of a 1958 college publication.  Also of interest are the numerous reviews of popular books of the day in "Ployboy After Hours".  The best of these is Fun with Dick and Jane.  The running joke is that Ployboy is aimed "at the smart, young, urban man about 29 years old ... who has it made."  And, I suppose that Ployboy achieves that goal if your name is Courtlandt and you have the means to "winter" in Bermuda in 1958.  [JAM 3/13/2016]

First Front Cover - Ployboy Logo by Frederick W. Umminger
Second Front Cover - Overdressed Woman with Bulldog ("Entertainment for Rabbits")  
1  Ploybill by William A. Trunslow
3  Dear Ployboy
7  Ployboy After Hours
19 Contents for the Rabbit's Entertainment Magazine
20 The Fly by George Lestrade (David Jeffrey)
22 The Sheriff and the Not Nice Young Woman by C.D.B. Bryan
25 Weekend in New Haven by Richard F. Spark
29 Bedroom cartoon by Gardner (FWU)
30 The Sweet Smell in the Crowd by J.J. Huss
31 Fit to be Tied by Rake Ness (Philip W. Ness Jr.)
33 The Professionals by Philip Wylie (T. Mayer) - drawing by Ron Bradbord
35 A Day ... in the life of a sophisticated, urban, etc. by Ralph Playfella (drawing by El Roy Neiman)
36 Some Time, Any Time by W.A. Truslow
38 The After Dinner Cigar by Thomas Hairio (William A. Truslow)
41 Small Town Ploymate
46 Ployboy's Party Jokes
47 Bedroom cartoon by Jack Dempsey
48 Mike Callace Interviews Ployboy by Gosh
50 Shaggystein Goes to Hell
53 Bedroom cartoon by Al Stone
55 Bedroom cartoon by Jack Davies
56 More Chased Than Chaste (poetry) by Kilborne Cudahy (William S. Kilborne and William B. Cudahy, Jr.)
58 Yale Record selects Mr. Charles M. Schultz as Humorist of the Year (past recipients: S.J. Perlman, Ogden Nash, Henry Morgan, Al Capp, Charles Addams, Walt Kelly, Bennett Cerf, and Steve Allen)
60 Bedroom/Camel cartoon
61 Wry Bald Classic: Elsie and Herbert by Evan Weisman (drawing by Leon Bellier)
62 Can You Spot the Ployboy in this Picture?
65 Caribbean Caper by D.S. Wadsworth
68 What Sort of Man Reads Ployboy?
69 Females by Cool: Vespal Virgin (drawing)
74 Females by Cool: Playmate; Can You Spot the Ployboy in this Picture?
84 Can You Spot the Ployboy in this Picture?
86 Ployboy's International Datebook by Philip Ness
Back Cover - Salem cigarettes (real ad)