Plop! (Joe Orlando)

No. 1 - October 1973 - 32 pages

Editor Joe Orlando (1927-1998) was a veteran comic book artist who worked for EC comics (1951-1956), Marvel comics (1956-1958) Mad magazine (1957-1969), DC comics (1968-1996) and National Lampoon (1970-?).  Orlando was one of the artists (with Wallace Wood, Will Elder and Jack Davis) who drew for Al Feldstein's Panic (#1-9), the in-house competition for Harvey Kurtzman's Mad comic.  After leaving the free-lance world for steady job with DC, he worked on numerous stories for various DC titles including Adventure Comics and House of Mystery.  Plop! ("The New Magazine of Weird Humor!") was a "Comics Code" comic book created as a humorous version of the mystery genre.  The original title (Zany) was changed to Plop! shortly before the first issue went to the publisher.  Twenty-four issues were published from 1973 to 1976.

With his extensive contacts within the comic book industry, Orlando brought in some of the greatest comic book artists of the 20th century.  The great Basil Wolverton, known for his drawings of ugly people, drew "Arms Armstrong" for the cover of the first issue.  The cover featured uncredited border drawings that were probably created by Orlando.  Inside, veteran Mad marginal cartoon artist, Sergio Aragones filled 19 of the pages with his signature art, including background for miscellaneous one-joke cartoons.  The two primary articles are "Kongzilla!" (monster parody) by Frank Robbins and George Evans, and "The Gourmet" (mystery parody) by Steve Skeates and Berni Wrightson.  The Skeates article was apparently inspired by the classic "frog board" cartoon that appeared in National Lampoon in 1970.  The first issue of Plop! seems to be a hybrid of the the Mad comic style with lots of filler pages from a backlog of magazine cartoons.  [JAM 5/2/2017]

Front Cover - Arms Armstrong by Basil Wolverton
Inside Front Cover - Table of Plop-Tents (drawings by Aragones)
1  Welcome by Joe Orlando (drawings by Aragones)
4  The Escape! by Sergio Aragones
7  The Plague! by Aragones
8  Plops by Slim, Pat Anderson, C. Moir, Goddard Sherman and Cork (background drawings by Aragones)
11 A Plop is Born (letters and editorial) by "Cain"
12 Kongzilla! by Frank Robbins and George Evans
17 More Plop! by deCarlo, Tap, John Albano and A.S. Habbick (background drawings by Aragones)
21 The Message by Sheldon Mayer and Alfredo P. Alcala
23 Plops by Edwarts, Oskar Bietta, Sauze, deCarlo, Slim, Moir, Dawson, and Albano (background drawings by Aragones)
27 The Gourmet by Steve Skeates and Berni Wrightson
Inside Back Cover - Monster cartoon by Aragones
Back Cover - "Arms" again

No. 2 - December 1973 - 32 pages

The main story in the second issue is "No Ghoul Like an Old Ghoul" by Jack Oleck and Alfred P. Alcala.  This one has a major flaw regarding dental practices.  The lead character and grave robber, Mr. Grimes has a toothache because of bad cavities.  However, it is later revealed that he has a complete set of dentures.  Please note Mr. Comic Book Writer and Mr. Comic Book Editor: dentists do not put gold fillings in false teeth; and people do not get cavities in their dentures; and a dentist would not make someone sit in a dentist chair while he he put a gold filling in a hole in a denture.  Considering the target market for this comic book, the editor (and the Comics Code?) may not have wanted the young readers to think that a grave robber would pull teeth out of the head of his victim.  That would be terrible!

The last turkey of a story is "The Man Who Came to Dinner" by George Kashdan and Nick Cardy wherein a turkey hunter is turned into a turkey by native drums.  If they had that kind of power, the natives would never get stuck on a reservation.  Although Plop! did evolve into something better with the help of Wallace Wood in later issues, the early numbers seem like the final resting place for old, unsold jokes.  [JAM 5/3/2017]

Front Cover - Art Arteries by Basil Wolverton
Inside Front Cover - Table of Plop-Tents (drawings by Aragones)
1  Welcome to Plop (again) with drawings by Aragones
4  The Demand by Aragones
8  Tasteless Gags by Kotto, Bacal, Slim and Habbick (background drawings by Aragones)
11 Plop Drop (letters)
12 No Ghoul Like and Old Ghoul by Oleck and Alcala
19 Plop-Ereenies by Dare and Slim (background drawings by Aragones)
21 Hey, Skinny by Steve Skeates and Sergio Aragones
25 Happy, Carefree Plops by Slim and Atkins (background by Aragones)
26 The Man Who Came to Dinner by Kashdan and Cardy
Inside Back Cover - Lumberjack cartoon by Aragones
Back Cover - "Art" again

No. 3 - February 1974 - 32 pages

Spoilers: Rudolf Schmidt lost his navel; Willy Bascomb was reincarnated as a pig; Emily Tibbs is a voodoo witch.  And, many one-joke plops. [JAM 5/4/2017]

Front Cover - Plop Blob by Basil Wolverton
Inside Front Cover - Table of Plop-Tents
1  Welcome page filler again (Aragones)
4  Belly Laugh by Maxene Fabe and Bill Draut
9  Plops by Slim, Danilo, Sal, Coco, deCarlo, Crocker and David Brown
13 A Rejection from Cain by Michael J. Pellowski and Alfred Alcala
16 Prison Plops by Robert (Slim) Johnson
18 Once Upon a Swine by Victor Schwartzman, Maxene Fabe and Sergio Aragones
22 Animal Plops by Botter, Begley, Lundy and David Brown
24 Plop Drop (letters)
26 This Little Witch Went to Market by George Kashdan and Alfred P. Alcala
32 Beach Plop by Aragones
Back Cover - Blob again

No. 4 - April 1974 - 33 pages

For this issue, the page numbering starts on the inside front cover.  The welcome pages are replaced by "The Monster Convention".  Basil Wolverton has one page (21) on the inside ("Doc Rockblock") but there are still too many filler pages (AKA "plops") - nine by my count.  Spoilers: Willie Cartburne travels back in time into the middle of a gunfight; the jewel robber gets dumped over a cliff; the farmer's daughter is psychotic. [JAM 5/5/2017]

Front Cover - Nooly Nostrildamus by Basil Wolverton
1  Table of Plop-Tents
2  The Monster Convention (Aragones)
6  Now and Then! by Skeates and Cardy
9  Prison Plops by Robert Johnson
13 A Perfectly Crazy Crime by Steve Skeates and Sergio Aragones
17 Plop Drop (letters)
19 Prescription Plops by Slim
21 Doc Rockblock by Basil Wolverton
23 Gourmet Plops by Slim
24 Monster Plops by Sin and Ford Button
25 Historical Plops by Sal, Oskar Biotta and Slim
27 The Last Laugh by Steve Skeates and Frank Robbins
Back Cover - "Nooly" again

No.5 - June 1974 - 33 pages

The Plop format continued to evolve as Editor Orlando seemed to struggle to fill page.  The opening "Welcome" had a lame Easter Bunny theme that somehow fills four pages with mindless fluff.  Aragones leads with an eight-page piece of irony ("The Ultimate Freedom") that never really gets anywhere that is very funny.  Robert "Slim" Johnson has been promoted to the masthead pages with six pages of one-joke plops.  And, there is an awful three-page ghost story (?) titled "His Honor the Mayor".  The only redeeming article in the issue is "Molded in Evil" drawn by Berni Wrightson.  After five issues, I am still looking for the "weird humor".  Without Basil Wolverton on the cover, there is not much weird stuff here at all. [JAM 5/7/2017]

Front Cover - Nails Nittle by Basil Wolverton
1  Plop-Tents
2  Dumb Easter Bunny Welcome (Aragones)
5  Super Plops by Murphy Anderson
8  The Ultimate Freedom by Sergio Aragones
16 People Plops by Haven and Brown
17 Prison Plops by Slim
19 Plop Drop (letters)
21 Prescription Plops by Slim
23 His Honor the Mayor by Bill Reilly and Mike Sekowsky
26 Monster Plops by Slim
28 Molded in Evil by Ed Noonchester, George Kashdan and Berni Wrightson
Back Cover - "Nails" again

No. 6 - August 1974 - 33 pages

Orlando continued to waste the early pages of Plop! with fluff in this issue.  The Plop mascots enter a time machine and ponder the future of the magazine in 6400 years.  The new "weird humor" starts on page 8 with "Bits and Pieces of a Corrupt Life!"  The next new thing ("Depressed Elephant") starts on page 18.  The anchor article, "The Uninvited Guest" is very short (3 pages) and unsatisfying.  I would think that the intelligent, young reader in 1974 was thinking: "Where is Orlando going and why is he doing this?" (other than enriching DC).  [JAM 5/9/2007]

Front Cover - Josephine by Basil Wolverton
1  Plop-Tents
2  Time-Machine Welcome (Aragones)
6  Monster Plops by Slim and Manak
8  Bits and Pieces of a Corrupt Life! by Steve Skeates, Mike Bekowsky and Bob Oksner
12 Plop Drop (letters)
14 Prison Plops by Slim
18 Depressed Elephant by Steve Skeates and Sergio Aragones
23 People Plops by Slim and A.S. Habbick
25 Historical Plops by Slim
27 The Showdown Sonata by Lee Marrs
29 Prescription Plops by Slim and Hagglund 
31 The Uninvited Guest by John Jacobson, Steve Skeates and Bill Draut
Back Cover - "Josephine" again

No. 7 - October 1974 - 33 pages

The first "weird humor" Plop story appeared in this issue ("The Lawn That Devoured Cleveland") wherein a grassy blob ("Lawny") grows and grows devouring everything in its way.  But, then Plop repeated the basic idea just eight pages later with "It Came From Beneath the Sink!!" wherein a garbage blob grows and grows devouring everything in its way.  Although the creative humor is appreciated, the original idea was stolen from The Vault of Terror #27 (1952) by EC (William M. Gaines and Albert Feldstein).  The concept was also made into a popular movie (The Blob) starring Steve McQueen (1930-1980).  [JAM 5/9/2017]

Front Cover - Byron Bigbrain III by Basil Wolverton
1  Plop-Tents
2  Superman Welcome (Aragones)
4  The Lawn That Devoured Cleveland by David Michelinie and Sergio Aragones
11 Monster Plops by Lore, Slim and Manak
13 Gourmet Plops by Slim and Manak
15 Prison Plops by Slim
18 It Came From Beneath the Sink!! by Lee Marrs and Steve Skeates
24 People Plops by Slim
25 Plop Drop (letters)
27 Reader Plops by David Manak
29 Historical Plops by Ted Robins and Manak
31 Switch Ending by Jack Oleck and David Manak
Back Cover - "Byron" again

No. 8 - December 1974 - 33 pages

Tatjana Wood, the first wife of artist Wallace Wood, is listed in the "Table of Plop-Tents" as one of the "contributing artists, writers, troublemakers & weirdos", probably for her work as colorist.  Also listed are Mad magazine veterans Joe Orlando, Sergio Aragones, Don Edwing, Dave Manak and Basil Wolverton.  The interesting, "weird" story in this one is "We're Always Working for Your WOWWEEE!"  by Steve Skeates and David Manak.  The article is a parody of the Superman story with "Klark Klerk", "Lois Cane" and "Supermarket Man" in a retail setting.  Klark gets fired for failing to get customers to say "Wowweee!" even though he defeats a group of supermarket robbers.  In "A Likely Story", Thurston Maw use a "helmet gizmo" to travel from one half a painting to the other half which is hung near Eliot Harlanson's "fantastic diamond." [JAM 5/11/2017]

Front Cover - Billy Buttin by Basil Wolverton
1  Table of Plop-Tents (marginal drawings by Aragones)
2  King Arthur Welcome (Aragones)
5  Vacation by David Michelinie, Russell Carley and Ramona Fradon
10 Super Plops!
11 Prison Plops by Slim
14 Isle of Plop! by Slim
15 A Likely Story by Steve Skeates and Sergio Aragones
21 Plop Drop (letters)
23 People Plops by Manak
24 Afternoon at the Zoo by Albano
26 Vampire at the Circus! by Edwing & Manak
27 Monster Plops by Slim, Ted Robins, Kevin Woodcock and Buicke
29 Historical Plops by Slim
30 We're Always Working for Your Wowweee! by Steve Skeates and David Manak
Back Cover - "Billy" again

No. 9 - February 1975 - 33 pages

The best "weird" story in this issue is "A Nose to Remember!" by Skeates with excellent drawings by Lee Marrs.  This is certainly an odd twist on the Rapunsel story wherein Princess Druisla receives a nose-curse after a nose-rival/witch gets poorly by the her royal nose-ness.  The local doctor eschews the $60 billion reward and rides off into "ye sunset" with Becky Ann.  "The Killer Kind!" by Oleck and Manak was also weird (i.e. mad scientist) but I could think of many better endings than the one they wrote.  The other 21 pages are more of the same as 1-8.  [JAM 5/13/2017]

Front Cover - Bone-Eater by Basil Wolverton
1  Table of Plop-Tents
2  Halloween Welcome (Aragones)
4  The Temple Ikka-Ka-Ka by Skeates and Aragones
6  Super Plop!
7  Historical Plops by Slim, Mort and deCarlo
9  Prescription Plops by Slim
12 The Killer Kind! by Jack Oleck and David Manak
18 People Plops by Rinaldo and Manak
19 Plop Drop (letters)
21 Prison Plops by Slim
25 A Nose to Remember! by Steve Skeates and Lee Marrs
31 Gourmet Plops by Slim
33 Monster Plops by Larter
Back Cover - Bone-Eater again

No. 10 - March 1975 - 33 pages

By issue ten, Plop! was no longer "new" by still "The Magazine of Weird Humor".  The editors announced that it was now a monthly magazine.  The "Mad" influence continued to grow as the "Mad Zeppelin" appears on page two; veteran Mad writer, E. Nelson Bridwell contributed to an article ("Androklutz and the Lion"); and Mad references appear in "Grooble Man".  I did not find any "weird" stuff in this issue.  Prison jokes and Santa Claus jokes are not my thing.  [JAM 5/15/2017]

Front Cover - Feets Fleagle by Basil Wolverton
1  Plop- Tents
2  Christmas Welcome (Aragones)
5  Androklutz and the Lion by E. Nelson Bridwell, Joe Orlando and David Manak
11 Prescription Plops by Slim, Kevin Woodcock and Minnell
13 Prison Plops by Slim
16 A Change of Diet by Coram Nobis and Ric Estrada
20 Monster Plops by John, Larter and Manak
23 Plop Drop (letters)
26 The Secret Origin of Grooble Man! by John Jacobson, Steve Skeates and Sergio Aragones
30 People Plops by Manak
31 Gourmet Plops by Slim
33 Animal Plops by Manak
Back Cover - "Feets" again

No. 11 - April 1975 - 20 pages (plus 16 pages of ads)

This issue must have taken loyal readers by surprise as 16 of the 36 pages (including cover) were suddenly filled advertisements for the same price (25 cents).  Editor Orlando wrote a lame excuse in the letters (Plop Drop) section but the difference in the format of the magazine from March to April is shocking.  Whatever appeal Plop! once had now seems to have faded into oblivion.  [JAM 5/16/2017]

Front Cover - Ashur, Crasher & Basher by Basil Wolverton
Inside Front Cover - Twinkies (ad)
1  Genie Welcome (Aragones)
3  Hubert Hoofner by Steve Skeates and Alex Toth
5  Karate (ad)
6  Action Lure (ad)
10 The Fisherman's Wish by Manak
11 MPC (ad)
12 Helen of Toy Co.  (ad)
13 Monster Plops by John Larter
14 Prison Plops by Slim
15 DC Comics (ad)
16 DC Comics (ad)
17 DC Comics (ad)
18 The Aladdin Frame-Up by Steve Skeates and Sergio Aragones
21 North American School of Motorcycle Repair (ad)
22 North American School of Drafting (ad)
25 Plop Drop (letters)
26 People Plops by Manak
27 La Salle Extension University (ad)
28 Tor (ad)
29 Historical Plops by Slim and Manak
30 The Old Message in the Bottle Trick! by Aragones
31 Claw (ad)
32 Roman War Soldiers (ad)
Inside Back Cover - Olympic Sales Club (ad)
Back Cover - American Seed Co. (ad)

No. 12 - May 1975 - 20 pages

This issue had just one story ("Dr. Varsag's Experiment") that was longer than three pages and it was similar to Will Elder's "Mole!" that appeared in Mad #2 and that was reprinted in Mad #22.  If this had been Plop! #1, the title would never have seen a number twelve.  [JAM 5/16/2017]

Front Cover - Messy Tessy by Basil Wolverton
1  Prison Welcome by Orlando and Aragones
3  Prison Plops by Coram Nobis and Slim Johnson
5 What Are Little Ghouls Made of? by E. Nelson Bridwell and Sergio Aragones
8  Prescription Plops by Slim
9  Monster Plops by Larter
10 Plop Drop (letters)
11 Dr. Varsag's Experimant by Coram Nobis and Lee Marrs
17 People Plops by Slim
19 Historical Plops by David Manak

No. 13 - June 1975 - 20 pages

This issue was unremarkable except for the fact that the great Wallace Wood joined the staff with his cover drawing of "Multiple Mouth McCardy".  After 12 issues with Basil Wolverton drawings on the cover, Editor Orlando called on his good friend, Woody to start changing Plop! for the better.  Otherwise, the "Sidney Kidney" story was painful; and the "Banana Dolls" story was not much better.  [JAM 5/16/2017]

Front Cover - Multiple Mouth McCardy by Wallace Wood
1  Bad Luck Welcome (Aragones)
3  The Epic of Sidney Kidney by Coram Nobis and Lee Mars
11 The Banana Dolls by Steve Skeates and Sergio Aragones
15 Monster Plops by Larter
16 Plop Drop (letters)
17 Super Plops
18 Prison Plops by Slim

No. 14 - July 1975 - 20 pages

The treat of this issue is the five-page story ("Wednesday's Child") written by veteran comic book writer Marv Wolfman and drawn by Wallace Wood.  The quality of art in Plop! took a major step upward with the excellent work by Wood.  Some of Woody's Mad style is evident in this strange story of "knighthood".  In the opening splash, the knight-without-a-name is rowing towards a castle in "Merry Olde England" in a Viking-like rowboat with sharks, a bomb, a buoy and a periscope in the the water.  The knight wears a smile-face on his chest that changes its expression later in the story.  The castle has an outhouse and later there is a strange bearded guy standing on a soap box.  Wolfman wrote for DC (1968-1972), Marvel (1972-1980) and then DC again.  He started his career in comic-book writing in 1964-1966 with stories written for the ODD fanzine edited by Steve and Dave Herring.  Wolfman's first and only story for Plop! is a strange one without the typical ending.  In addition to the Wood influence, this issue found room to pay tribute to Mad staffers Bill Gaines, Nick Meglin, Jerry DeFuccio, Lenny Brenner, Antonio Prohias and Al Jaffee thanks to some strategic book titles by Sergio Aragones on page one.  [JAM 5/17/2017]

Front Cover - Darlin' Daisy Dallyrimple by Basil Wolverton
1  Library Welcome (Aragones)
2  The Locked Door of Harkness House! by Maxene Fabe and David Manak
8  Prescription Plops by Slim
9 The Finishing Touch by Aragones
10 Animal Plops by Crocker, Mal and Slim
11 Wednesday's Child by Marv Wolfman and Wallace Wood
16 Prison Plops by Slim
17 Waning Moon by Aragones
19 Plop Drop (letters)

No.15 - August 1975 - 20 pages

Wood drew his second cover for Plop! ("Roarin' Rodney Roadrunner") but, to my dismay, there is nothing from Wood on the inside.  Instead, we got a Dennis the Menace parody and a really long aunt/circus/ant/circus story.  [JAM 5/18/2017]

Front Cover - Roarin' Rodney Roadrunner by Wallace Wood
1  Jungle Welcome (Aragones)
2  All Wet! by Steve Skeates and Lee Marrs
6  Monster Plops by Larkin
7  Animal Plops by Slim and Mal
8  Prescription Plops by Slim
9 Damien's Aunt by John Albano and Bill Draut
17 Fowl Plops by Manak
18 Plop Drop (letters)

No. 16 - September 1975 - 20 pages

Wood drew his third cover and also received credit for "art" with Steve Ditko for "Love is a Dandy!"  Since the art does not match the Wood style and the inking is not signed by Wood, I am assuming that Wood did the pencils and Ditko did the inking.  The story a typical one from Steve Skeates and the issue in general is quite ordinary; but it is good to see the upgraded art now found in Plop!.  I anticipate more good work in subsequent issues. [JAM 5/18/2017]

Front Cover - Kissing Twins by Wallace Wood
1  Young Lovers Welcome (Aragones)
2  The Make-Out Queen of Lord Byron High! by Steve Skeates and Ric Estrada
8  Monster Plops by Don Edwing and Dave Manak
9  Love is a Dandy! by Steve Skeates, S. Ditko and W. Wood
15 Lovers Plops by Basineki, Manak and Ray Morin
17 Historical Plops by Don Edwing and Dave Manak
19 Plop Drop (letters)

No. 17 - October 1975 - 20 pages

There is nothing new in this issue.  The format has reverted to that of Plop! #11 with Wolverton on the cover, no Wallace Wood, and just two stories by Steve Skeates - one detective ("World's Greatest Gumshoe") and one spy ("The Ploosh Maker!").  [JAM 5/18/2017]

Front Cover - Tonsils Thompson by Basil Wolverton
1  Roller Coaster Welcome (Aragones)
2  World's Greatest Gumshoe by Steve Skeates and David Manak
7  Prison Plops by Slim
8  Isle of Plop by Slim and Aragones
9  Old Butterfly Story by Steve Skeates and Frank Robbins
11 The Tunnel by Coram Nobis and Ripp
12 Monster Plops by Aragones
13 Historical Plops by Manak
14 Plop Drop (letters)
15 The Ploosh Maker! by Steve Skeates and Lee Marrs

No. 18 - December 1975 - 20 pages

Woody started his "Plopular Poetry" series in this issue with the "Awful Awk", "Booboo Bird" and "Crooke".  And, Editor Orlando announced that Wood and Basil Wolverton would alternate issues with cover drawings.  The best story of the issue is "A Lesson in History" wherein an evil king (who looks like Richard Nixon) wants to have a golden statue made of himself.  The other story ("Along Came the Elves") is a twist on the shoemaker and elves fairy tale.  [JAM 5/18/2017]

Front Cover - Wall Street Jumper by Basil Wolverton and "Jack"
1  Pulpa Rica Welcome (Joe Orlando and Sergio Aragones)
3  Along Came the Elves by Ed Newsome, Steve Skeates and David Manak
7  Prison Plops by Slim
8  Plop Drop (letters)
9  Historical Plops
10 People Plops by Slim and Ted Robins
11 Isle of Plop by Slim
12 Plopular Poetry (A-C) by Wally Wood
13 A Lesson in History by Coram Nobis and Ric Estrada

No. 19 - February 1976 - 20 pages

Wood re-purposed one his classic characters as "Smokin' Sanford" for the cover of this issue.  For the second issue in row, Plop! is a bi-monthly again after only five months as a monthly.  There were no explanations for this in either issue.  This is the first issue that did not have drawings ("Plops") by Slim Johnson.

Front Cover - Smokin' Sanford by Wallace Wood
1  Street Corner Welcome (Aragones)
3  Moment of Decision! by Arnold Drake and Bill Draut
8  Plop Drop (letters)
10 Devilish Plops by Schochet
11 Ultimate Weapon! by Michael J. Pellowski, Steve Skeates and Frank Thorne
13 Bug in the Works by Steve Skeates and David Manak
17 People Plops by D. Michelinie and D. Manak
18 Historical Plops by Ted Robins and Mort
19 Plopular Poetry by Wally Wood ("The Duffle", "Mr. Ecks" and "The Foofniks")

No. 20 - April 1976 - 20 pages

Editor Orlando announced in Plop Drop that the next appearance of Plop! would be in DC Super Stars ("special 50c magazine") with an entire issue devoted to Sergio Aragones (50 pages); and then the month after that Plop! #21 would return.  Plop! #20 had nothing new except that four of Slim Johnson's "Prison Plops" were on the cover in place of the usual Wolverton or Wood characters. [JAM 5/19/2017]

Front Cover - Prison Plops by Slim Johnson
1  Underground Welcome (Aragones)
3  Meat His Maker by Maxine Fabe and Davidangelo Manak
8  Plop Drop (letters)
11 Plopular Poetry by Wally Wood ("Glotz", "The Hippocritter" and "Iggy")
12 Super Plops by Edwing and Manak
13 The Gentle Way by Skeates and Aragones
17 Monster Plops by Larter and Ted Robins
18 Prison Plops by Slim

No. 21 - June 1976 - 36 pages

Plop #12 was promoted as the "Plop Giant" but it was really just the same size as numbers 1 through 9 with ads and twice the price (50 cents) as the 20-page version.  The final three issues of the run were also known as Plop Giants.  Wallace Wood had two pages in the issue - "Famous Four Eyes 'Bo' Garth" (that should have been the cover drawing) and the fourth installment of "Plopular Poetry".  Editor Orlando put his creation ("Peter Pureheart") on the cover and lots more on the inside.  With only one significant story ("It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog") on the inside and nothing from Writer Steve Skeates, this Plop was a flop.  [JAM 5/19/2017]

Front Cover - Peter Pureheart by Joe Orlando
1  Baseball Welcome (Aragones)
2  Peter Pureheart (Orlando)
5  The Rise and Fall of Stanley Steamer by David V. Reed and David Manak
8  Prison Plops by Slim
11 Monster Plops by Slim, Ted Robins and Schochet
12 Popular Person of the Month ("Famous Four Eyes 'Bo' Garth") by Wallace Wood
13 Isle of Plop by Slim
15 It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog by Coram Nobis and Sergio Aragones
22 People Plops by Slim and Dawson
24 The Compulsion! by Orlando?
26 Aqua Plops by Slim and Dunner
27 Plop Drop (letters)
28 Plopular Poetry by Wally Wood ("Jumping Jibbers", "The Klutz" and "Lulu Lovelorn"
29 The Cross-Eyed Pussycat by ?
31 Plop Puzzler
32 Gourmet Plops by Slim 

No. 22 - August 1976 - 36 pages

Plop seems to be just a collection of short jokes at this point.  There are a lot of bad jokes here - mostly aimed at pre-teen boys.  The editor asked readers to stop sending letters.  Uh oh!  [JAM 5/20/2017}

Front Cover - King Kong by David Manak
1  Table of Plop-Tents by Joe Orlando
2  The Kicking Man! by John Albano
7  Prison Plops by Slim
10 People Plops by Coram Nobis and David Manak
11 Plopular Person of the Month! ("Harvey Headlinker") by Basil Wolverton
12 Maybe I Just Have Big Bones?
14 Plop Drop (letters)
16 Prescription Plops by Slim and Ford Button
18 Peter Pureheart by Orlando and Albano
20 The Dirty Thief by Steve Skeates and Sergio Aragones
23 Animal Plops by Slim, deCarlo, Edwing and Manak
25 Plopular Poetry by Wally Wood ("The Mangaroo", "Nellie Nemish" and "The Omnivor")
26 Historical Plops by Don Edwing and David Manak
27 A Tale Before Sunrise by Steve Skeates and Vincent Alcaraz
29 Hunting Plops by Slim and Bo Brown
30 Cross-Eyed Pussycat
32 Monster Plops by Slim, Mort, Edwing and Manak
35 Spaced-Out Plops by Manak
36 The End by Slim

No. 23 - October 1976 - 36 pages

The single best piece of humor and art to appear in 24 issues of Plop is Wallace Wood's parody of Lord of the Rings ("The King of the Ring") in this issue.  The wizard Gondeaf visits Froydo the Habbit to go on a quest.  But first they play cards and eat pizza.  Gondeaf holds five aces of spades and Froydo asks him how he could be smoking since it has not yet been invented.  Gondeaf brings in "The Incognito King of the Word" (he looks like Prince Valiant and wears sunglasses) and the seven dwarves ("Slappy, Droopy, Sleazy, Groucho, Harpo, Snoopy and Shlepo") to join them on the quest.  The dwarves pack peanut butter and jelly for the journey.  Along the way they meet Glum ("rotten evil swamp frog"), a Nork (wearing "Mock" truck mudflaps), Nazighouls and Schlob (giant spider).  They finally reach their destination (Miredere, a volcanic compound with "Krupp" and "I.G. Farben" factories inside).  Glum returns.  There is a "KerPlop!" and an explosion.  Gondeaf zaps the sunglass king and lives evilly ever after.  This six-pager could have been in Kurtzman's Mad or Feldstein's Panic.  Woody has proven that he could write humor as well as draw it.  I wonder whether this was an old piece that Woody resurrected for his friend, Joe Orlando.  It looks out of place in Plop since it is so much better than anything else.  [JAM 5/20/2017]

Front Cover - Dragon Slope by David Manak
1  Peter Pureheart Intro by Manak
2  The King of the Ring by "Jr. Trollkin" (Wallace Wood)
8  Crime Plops! by Ron Stanfield and Slim
9  Prescription Plops by Slim
12 Plopular Person of the Month! by Basil Wolverton ("Alfred Adamsapple")
13 Prison Plops by Slim
15 The Wizard of Plop! by Edwing and Manak
16 Plop Drop (letters)
18 Peter Pureheart
19 Strange Happenings! By John Albano
26 Peter Pureheart
27 The Cross-Eyed Pussycat! by Albano and Scarpelli
28 Historical Plops by Mal Pearlman, Slim and Mort
30 Monster Plops by John Workman, Slim, Mal and Schochet
33 The Return of the Cross-Eyed Pussycat by Albano and Scarpelli
34 The Swami! by Atkins
35 Peter Pureheart
36 Plopular Poetry by Wally Wood ("The Pignoramus", "The Quickuack" and "Rick Reverso"

No. 24 - December 1976 - 36 pages

The only story of note in the final issue of Plop is "A Fate Worse Than Death!" with Sergio Aragones telling the "true" story of when he was fired by "Will E. Gain", the publisher of "MUD".  He was fired for "selling all your good stuff that stupid comic book you work for."  The "Plop Drop" explained that Editor Joe Orlando was kicked upstairs at DC to be "Managing Editor" and Tony Isabella became the Plop editor (for one issue).  Every previous issue had given the newsstand date for the next issue.  But, this one said: "Let's get some new material already, huh?" and "We don't have to leave this *#!!& magazine!  It's leaving US!"  and "The Real End!"  They knew.  [JAM 5/20/2017]

Front Cover - Quicksand by Manak
1  DC Office Welcome by Pasko and Aragones
2  The Legend of "Comic Book" McFiend by Edwing and Manak
7  A Fate Worse Than Death! by Sergio Aragones
12 Death Plops by Slim and Bo Brown
14 Kid Plops by Slim
16 Isle of Plop by Slim and Dan
17 Monster Plops by Ford Button and Schochet
19 Prescription Plops by Severenko, Slim and Baker
21 Job Plops by Slim
22 Prison Plops by Slim, Pat Anderson and Crocker
24 Reader's Plops by Manak
25 Plop-Ants by Manak
26 People Plops by Bo Brown and Slim
27 Historical Plops by Slim
29 Plopular Poetry by Wally Wood ("Saggy Swineo", "The Topsyturvy" and "The Ugloid")
30 Plopular Person of the Month! by Basil Wolverton ("Snapper Snodgrass")
31 Guido the Artist! by Skeates and Bates
35 Plop Drop (letters)