Playgirl (James Albert Hall) - University of Texas Ranger - March 1956 - 36 pages

In spite of 12 pages of really bad jokes plus ads at the beginning, this is a fairly good early parody of Playboy.  A wise editor would have put these jokes at the back of the book (or in the trash) and started the issue with the parody.  The cover shows a female rabbit trying to decide which of four fully-dressed, handsome men to choose from her date book.  The editors self-censor themselves throughout this one.  The parody contents start on page 13 with the "Dear Playgirl" fake letters.  One is from "Mrs. Alma Chestly" from "Honolulu, Kansas" and another is simply from "A Harassed Male".  Some of the articles are clever but the centerfold ("Meet Donald Evans" - "Mr. March") is lame.  Better articles are "Fowl For Two: the subtle art of planking crow" (food parody that uses yak butter and a medium crow); "Ribald Classic: Alice at the Mad Tea Party"; and "Will Success Improve James Manful?"  The humor in this Texas campus publication is about what one would expect from a clean-cut southern college in the 1950s.  [JAM 2/8/2016]

Front Cover - Playbunny selects her date (drawing by Lee Ricks)
Inside Front Cover - Our Oldest Jokes (continuing through page 12)
4  Bunny cartoon by Charles
7  Bashful cartoon by Collette
10 We Have a Dog cartoons by Henry Welch
13 Dear Playgirl
14 Taxable Property cartoon by Lee Ricks
15 Contents
16 Will He or Won't He? by Robbie Powell
17 Meet Donald Evans by Murray Patton
18 Mr. March
20 Fowl for Two by Ann Leslie
22 Censored Songs and Saws
24 Ribald Classic: The Mad Tea Party (drawing by Glenn Liston)
26 Playgirl's Party Jokes
27 Mixing the Perfect Boilermaker
30 Will Success Improve James Manful? by Wilhelmina Earl (drawings by Bill Klapp)
32 Street Scene cartoon by Bill Hoey
33 Playgirl's Bazaar
Back Cover - Cavalier cigarettes (real ad)