Playgirl (Mary Ann Weaver) - Arizona Kitty Kat - April 1955 - 34 pages

Although this is one of the earliest parodies of Playboy magazine, it was also one of the lamest.  Portions of the short college publication have the Playboy look but the expected humor is mostly missing.  The "Playgirl's Party Jokes" is the article that comes closest to actual parody humor.  The centerfold shows a fully-dressed man who is apparently holding an empty wedding dress.  In "Playbill", the Kitty Kat editors express "... thanks to the editors of Playboy ..." for their help.  However, they needed a lot more help.  [JAM 12/7/2015]

Front Cover - Kitty Kat has three suitors
2  Playbill
3  Contents
4  Dear Playgirl (letters)
6  Fiction: Resolution at Midnight by Ron Butler
8  Playgirl's Favorite Bartender from Emory University Phoenix; restaurant cartoon by Fulton
9  Musicale: Flyin' Fingers by Caroline Davidson (drawing by Salmon)
10 Fashion: The Well Dressed Playgirl (photos by Sanders)
11 Cartoons by Zuick
12 Rivalled Classics: Latin Lyrics (reprinted poems)
14 Playgirl at Work by Sue Muhlfeld (drawing by Salmon)
16 Sculpture cartoon by Fitzsmut
17 Playgirl's Party Jokes
18 Playgirl's Playmate of the Month: Mr. April
20 Wine May Be Fine But It's Tea For Me by Christopher Fitzsmut (drawing by Salmon)
22 Sports Reel 1955 by Ruthe Norton (drawing by Mardis)
23 Army recruiting cartoon by Salmon
24 Humor: Death of a Salesman or Something by Ron Butler (drawing by Susy McHugh)
26 Man with carrots drawing by Winslow
27 A Dialogue by Pelican
28 Humor: Zips by Zuick (cartoons)
30 Job Hunters
31 Manners: Language of Love; painter cartoon drawing by Severson
32 Humor: Males by Mole 65-69 (drawings by Zuick and Mole)
34 Business: Advertiser's Index
Back Cover - Winston cigarettes (real ad)