Playbull (Gilbert K. Shelton) - Texas Ranger - March 1963 - 40 pages

Before he became famous as the creator of underground comics such as Wonder Wart-Hog and The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Gilbert Shelton was the "editor-in-chief" of the University of Texas humor magazine (Ranger) and this college parody of Playboy magazine.  Shelton's particular brand of humor is evident throughout the parody.  His contributions included "My My Old Crow" perfume (uncredited but with wart-hoggy cat drawing), "The Man who Didn't Know the Answer by Jules Foofer", "The Thin Red Whine" (Catch-22 fiction parody?) and "Little Unnie Funny".  Shelton's Playbull was one of the first college parodies to include a significant number of advertisement parodies.  The best of the ads is certainly the full-page "Sonnick Record Club" that promises six records for just $1.89 "if you join the club now and agree to purchase as few as 400 to be offered in the coming 12 months."  This record club is only a slightly bigger trap than the real record clubs of the day.  Other ad parodies are for "Boon-Loon" socks ("... without socks, what could man blow his nose on when he is out of handkerchiefs?"), "I'm Suave" (Playboy jewelry) and "Mr. Kool" slim pants ("Hurry before fat legs come back.").  Playbull is just the right length with sarcastic jokes on every page and a "Bunny of the Month" who is fully-clothed from glove to shoe.  [JAM 3/31/2016]

Front Cover - Rabbit, wife and something in the closet by Vin Scheihagen
Inside Front Cover - Playpill
2  Contents for the Ranger's Parody Magazine
4  Dear Playbull
6  The Playbull Advisor by Lieuen Adkins and Joe E. Brown
8  My My Old Crow (ad parody)
9  Playbull After Ours by Jim Newton
11 Sonnick Record Club (ad parody)
12 "Boon-Loon", "Playbull Products" and "Mr. Kool" (ad parodies)
13 The Playbull Philosophy by "Hugh Heifer" (Chuck Alverson)
14 The Thin Red Whine by "Jones Jones" (Gilbert Shelton)
16 Playpoo Fashion Forecase by Tony Bell
18 "The Man who Didn't Know the Answer by "Jules Fooffer" (Gilbert Shelton)
19 A Funny Bunny - Miss March: Playbull's Bunny of the Month
22 Playbull's Partly Jokes by Joe E. Brown
23 Rancid Classic: Son of Cuckold Meets the Wolf Man by Joe E. Brown
24 Teevee Funkworts by Joe E. Brown
25 The Illustrated Elephant by "Ray Breadbutter" (Lieuen Adkins; drawing by Hal Normand)
26 Bedroom cartoon by Roy Mumme
27 How to Make a Trillion Squillion Dollars in Just Fifteen Minutes or Your Money Back by "B. Sol Getty" (Byron Black)
28 The "Vulgarus" Girl by Tony Bell
29 The Mexican Toad Race by "Ken Prudy" (Byron Black)
30 On the String by Joe E. Brown and Byron Black
33 Why Marry Not? by "Shepherd Weed" (Joe E. Brown)
36 Little Unnie Funny by "Harvey Kurtzmun and Norman Rockwell" (Gilbert Shelton and Tony Bell)
40 Playbull's International Datebook by "Patrick Chaste" (Tami Dean); Next Month
Back Cover - Salem cigarettes (real ad)