Playboy the Parody (Gerald L. Taylor) - Taylor/Shain Inc. -1984 - 102 pages

The infamous feature of this parody is the Lady Di (who died suddenly in 1997 in Paris) centerfold (not really) wherein the royal princess displays the thoroughness of her hairdresser.  Otherwise, this parody is rather ordinary and lazy until page 81 when the editors suddenly take us back to 1963 with the very clever parody within a parody.  The previously "unreleased" 1963 issue features the JFK interview, Marilyn Monroe on the cover, the Dallas Playboy Club (with Oswald, Ruby, Tippett and "Bunny Marina"), a Dave Bond story, Lenny Bruce personality piece, "The Playboy Round Table" (which predicted "electronic cigarettes), and the girls of South Vietnam.  It is all so tacky but irresistibly creative.  The missed opportunity by Taylor/Shain is the lack of ad parodies in an issue filled with 30% of pages being real ads.  The Taylor/Shain and subsequent "TSM" parodies of the 1980s relied on writers and artists (Tony Hendra, Bruce McCall & Rick Meyerowitz) from National Lampoon but were mostly inferior compared to college publications such as Harvard Lampoon.  [JAM 3/14/2017]

Front Cover - Bo Derek
5 Index
11 Playbill
12 Contributors
15 Dear Playmates
17 Playboy After Hours (drawings by James Sherman)
21 Playboy Interview: N.O.W.
23 Make Your Own Playmate
30 Sophie's Daughter by "William Styngo" (drawings by Michael Garland)
33 Party cartoon by Warren Sattler
34 Tasting the Great Wives of California by "Anthony Hendra"
43 Music Poll 1984 - Hall of Fame: Karen Carpenter (sculpture by Marilyn Friedman)
44 Poll Winners (drawing by Rick Meyerowitz)
46 Cake cartoon by Warren Sattler
47 It's to Di
54 Playboy's Party Jokes (drawings by James Sherman)
56 Just Who Controls the News Media Anyway, Huh? by "(Name Withheld") - drawing by Wayne McLoughlin
58 The Good Parts (grey page); Island/Hospital cartoon by Warren Sattler
59 Items from our Christmas Catalog by "Alfred Gingold"
63 The Girls of Penthouse
70 The Good Parts (another grey page); Robbery cartoon by Warren Sattler
71 Playboy's Autopedia by Bruce McCall
77 Shel Shocked by "Shel Shock"
81 November 1963: Death of a Playboy
83 Front Cover (Marilyn Monroe)
84 (42) Playboy Club News
85 (25) Playboy Interview: John F. Kennedy
86 (36) The Playboy Round Table
88 (49) On Her Majesty's Secret Service Entrance by "Iam Flening" (drawing by James Sherman)
89 (61)South Vietnam: Sex with a New Slant
93 All-Star Negro Poll (drawing by Gary Hallgren)
94 (69) The Sick World of Lenny Bruce by "Not Hentoff"
97 Barry Goldwater cartoon by James Sherman
98 Grey Page
99 Office cartoon by Warren Sattler
100 Little Grannie Fanny by James Sherman
102 Next Month
Back Cover - Datsun (real ad)