Pl*yb*y (Walter Lewis president and Richard A. Spencer senior editor) - Harvard Lampoon - 1966 - 102 pages

In my mind, this is the finest magazine parody ever published.  The 1966 Harvard Lampoon parody of Playboy marks the point at which Harvard Lampoon took control of the college parody market and all others started to fade into oblivion.  Contributors to Pl*yb*y include Douglas C. Kenney, Henry N. Beard, Christopher B. Cerf and Michael K. Frith.  Kenney and Beard founded National Lampoon after graduation in 1970.  The National Lampoon took printed humor to new levels and ruled the newsstand until Kenney and Beard lost interest by 1975.  Kenney was also the creative genius behind the movies Animal House and Caddyshack.  He died of a possible suicide in Hawaii in 1980.  Cerf, the son of Random House publisher Bennett Cerf, also wrote for National Lampoon and then bacame a record and television producer for Sesame Street and many others.  Frith became the Executive VP and Creative Director for Jim Henson Productions (Muppets) and drew the cover of Bored of the Rings written by Kenney and Beard in 1969.  Cerf and Frith wrote Alligator, the 1962 parody of Ian Fleming's James Bond novels.

The main fiction article in Pl*yb*y is the 19-page "novelette" ("Toadstool") - an uncredited parody of a James Bond novel, similar to Alligator.  Fifteen months after his retirement from the Secret Service, Bond has become "Brother Hilarius" living in Grimsay Abbey where he picks radishes and raises bunnies.  He had preferred the life of a monk after "his fifth wife (died) giving his wives an average life expectancy of eighteen minutes and twenty-six seconds"; and after "the late 0010 had stumbled onto the plot to steal Ecuador and sell it to a Los Angeles syndicate for a zillion dollars."  The abbot convinces Bond to come out of retirement to battle the evil "Lord Toadstool" who once built "an enormous throne ... out of nothing but coughdrops" and was thought to have "some devilish plot in mind, like ruling the world, or kidnapping Hayley Mills ..."  So Bond gets captured by Toadstool, befriends the villain's girl friend ("Bathsheba/Pennyfarthing"), gets help from his ex-boss ("*"), defeats Toadstool in a game of find-the-fungus-seed, and eventually saves all of mankind from certain destruction in the nick of time. 

Other features of this classic parody are the 87th part of "The Playboy Philosophy", an interview with the "Magic Eight Ball", "Hard Cheese" by Charles Dickens ("Part I of a long series"), a Jules Feiffer parody ("Arthur Gask"), the centerfold ("Ocrocokian Oona") who has lived alone on an island since age two and has designed her own clothing giving herself a reverse bikini tan, Part 17 of "The History of Sex in Art", "Little Orphan Bosom" by Cerf & Frith, and 21 excellent Playboy-style cartoons.  Most of the drawings were created by William S. Donnell, ibis.  [JAM 4/18/2016]

Front Cover - Terre Tucker
1  Playbill
2  Contents for the Men's Entertainment Magazine
15 Dear Playboy
19 The Playboy Advisor
25 The Playboy Philosophy
29 Playboy Interview: Magic Eight Ball
31 Harem cartoon by "Sh*yd"
33 What Sort of Man Reads Playboy
34 Airplane crash cartoon by "Din* S**gel"
35 Playboy's International Datebook by "P*tr*ck Ch*se"
36 Hard Cheese by "Charles Dickens"
39 Playboy's Fine Feathered Forecast: The Bird Is The Word
43 Arthur Gask by "F**ff*r"
48 Bedroom/knight cartoon
49 Ocrocokian Oona - Miss *****: Playboy's Playmate of the Month
54 Playboy's Party Jokes by "LeRoy Neiman (drawings by WSD)
55 Art gallery cartoon by "Gah*n W*lson"
56 Nymph cartoon by "D*d*ni" (drawing by Lawrence M. Butler)
57 The History of Sex in Art by Pablo Cassano as told to Homer Smith
61 The Girls of Playboy
64 New Yorker cartoon by "R. Tayl*r" and "G*rdner R*a" (drawing by WSD)
65 Playboy Scrub News
66 On the Scene
68 Smoking cartoon by "Cla*de" (drawing by WSD)
69 Playboy's Gallery of Grand Gifts
70 Toadstool by "I*n Fl*m*ng"
72 Swimming pool cartoon by "J*hn D*mpsey"
73 Mortuary cartoon by "Gah*n Wils*n" (drawing by WSD)
74 Nudist colony cartoon by J*hn D*mpsey (drawing by WS Donnell)
76 Midsummer Frost by "Ken W. Putrid"
81 Nymph cartoon by "Dedin*" (drawing by William A. Hinrichs)
82 Anteater cartoon
83 Lynching cartoon by "Shoem*ker" (drawing by WSD)
84 Art cartoon by "Bri*n Savag*" (drawing by WSD)
86 Puppet cartoon by "Pete Casual*"
87 Bachelor pad cartoon by "Interl*ndi" (drawing by WSD)
89 A Playboy Pad: Mobile Mansion
92 "Varg*s" Girl (drawing by WS Donnell)
93 Ribald Classic: Adriana's Garden "Retold by Uncle Remus"
94 Bunny/dinner cartoon by "Sho*m*k*r"
95 Giant insect cartoon
97 Little Orphan Bosom by Christopher Cerf and Michael Frith
101 Undressing cartoon by "A. Eriks*n" (drawing by WSD)
102 Next Month
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