Playbouy (Av Gray) - Purdue Rivet - May 1956 - 32 pages

The Purdue crew created a Playboy parody that looks like the original but lacks the humor expected in this type of college publication.  Fortunately, the texts of the "parody" articles are very short.  Most of them seem like they were written on short notice with little thought given to the content.  The cover shows a campus tuxedoed swain hoping that a passing buxom coed will "get the rabbit habit,"  There are several full-page cartoons in the volume that are drawn OK but they are just not funny (even for 1956).  The "Playmate of the Month" is a drawing by Cal Sacks of a dragon that has apparently just eaten a horse.  I know that this is not the "Miss May" that the Purdue college boys were expecting.  Nothing here could be identified as wacky college humor.  They did borrow a name from Mad magazine ("Melvin Coznowski") to be the butler in their "Playbouy After Hours" film review of "Ivan Purduevitch - Comrade among Comrades".  There was at least one Mad reader on the staff, but he was unable to bring Mad humor to this one.  [JAM 2/12/2016]

Front Cover - Get the Rabbit Habit by Bonifeld
Inside Front Cover - Playbill
1  Dear Playbouy
3  Playbouy After Hours (drawings by ADM)
5  Contents for the Men's Amusement Magazine
6  Tragic Dirt by Burstin Cowwall (drawing by Mehegan)
10 Lost & Found cartoon by Dutch
12 The Man in the Front Office - Dr. D.R. Mallett
14 Girl's Bedroom cartoon by Dutch
15 Miss May - Playbouy's Playmate of the Month (drawing by Cal Sacks)
18 Playbouy Party Jokes
19 Newsstand cartoon by Dutch
21 To Hell With Harry - drink by Tue Young
22 Automobile Girl Conquest cartoon by Dutch
23 More Jokes
25 Suits Cum Laude - attire
26 More Party Jokes (bathroom drawing by Dutch)
27 Test Your Beer Quotient
28 More Jokes
29 Playbouy's Bazaar
30 More Jokes
Back Cover - Cavalier cigarettes (real ad)