Play Boy (Morton J. Metzler, Jr. and James R. Harper) - Cornell Widow - December 1957 - 36 pages

This Cornell parody has much better writing than most of the 1950s college humor magazines.  "A Farewell to Legs" (by "Ernest Hemmingway" with two m's) is an excellent copy of the Hemingway short-story style, making frequent references to many of the Hemingway titles.  The protagonist, who lived in a wineskin with five others witnesses many losses in time of war but always manages to meet the bus to Paris so he can "cable a story to the agency."  In "Bucket-Seat Babe", Chuck Handy is working in Pop Fisher's Body Shop for $1.25 per hour so he can save for his mother's new cornea from the Eye Bank, and send his twin sister to Teacher's College.  But, he also really needs $800 for "Weber carbs" so he could win the big race against his nemesis, Marsden Abbot.  Before the big race, Marsden steals one of the venturis from Chuck's car.  Even without one of the vital venturis, Chuck remains competitive with Marsden and (after some mid-race repairs) manages to barely win the race, the girl, the cornea, and the tuition.  The artwork is very good throughout the issue and the jokes are not too bad.  The cover photo shows a rabbit-head replacing the top of the Ezra Cornell statue.  The Widow staff kept the Playboy format through the 36 pages including cover with advertisements spread around but not detracting from the parody focus.    [JAM 2/14/2016]

Front Cover - Ezra Cornell statue with rabbit-head
2  Play Bill by Thomas A.A. Oleson, John W. Bierhorst III and Gene Case
3  Dear Play Boy by Bierhorst and Metzler
7  Play Boy After Hours by Metzler
12 A Farewell to Legs by O. Kristin Osterholm (drawing by Parker Z. Bloser)
14 Voodoo River by Oleson and Bierhorst (drawings by Butch)
15 Police cartoon parody of Rhee by Bloser
16 Tomatoes Are Cheaper by Bierhorst, Oleson and Metzler
17 Miss December by George Bullwinkel
20 Play Boy's Panty Jokes by Metzler and Bierhorst (drawings by RCS)
21 Drinking cartoon parody of Cool by Bloser
22 Bucket-Seat Babe by Bierhorst and Oleson (drawings by DER)
24 Polynesian cartoon parody of Rhee by Pete Engel
25 The Abbot's Wench: Highball Classic by Oleson and Bierhorst
26 The Ties Have It by Case (drawing by Tharaldson)
27 How to Lose Your First Wife by James R. Harper; Sticky cartoon parody of Cool by Bloser
35 Subscription Ad
Back Cover - Winston cigarettes (real ad)