People Parody (Jeff S. Martin) - Harvard Lampoon - 1981 - 112 pages

There is a parody in here but it is often hard to find among 57 pages of paid advertisements.  And, unlike many of the best college parodies, there is not a single ad spoof in the magazine.  Apparently, there was little room for humor as Harvard Lampoon's sales team had been extremely successful.  The cover, showing young Brooke Shields with a "big dead fish," is the best joke of the issue.  The rest of it seems like a series of unconnected stories with photos added.  After conquering all college parody competition in the 1960s, the 1980s Lampoon staff was producing an ad-filled shell of the former product.  [JAM 3/31/2017]

Front Cover - Brooke Shields with fish
3 Index
6 Mail
8 List of Contributors
14 Picks & Pans
29 Up Front: For These Four Americans, the Party's Over by "Stu Pidd"
32 For Unsinkable Polly Urethane, Inflatable Love Toys Are No Playthings by "Jerry Atric"
34 People in Middletown Are Glowing, But Not with Health, Causing an Atomic Falling Out with the Feds by "Sue Thebastards"
37 Trouble: A Kitchen Disaster Turns Morgan Fairchild into an Unwilling Pothead by "Rocco Gibraltar"
41 Jocks: Pow! In the Boxing Ring, Sister Mary Stigmata Is Clearly Second to Nun by "Jim Nazium"
49 Losers: Architect Philip Johnson's House Has Become a Broken Home by "Hugh Briss"
50 Large: Sitting Pretty in Fat City, Bob and Brenda Bullhorn Turn Double Chins into Happy Grins by "Burt D'Urt"
53 Brains: For Boy Genius Timmy Jones, the Life of a Scholar Is Child's Play
58 Sequel: Heaven Can't Wait for Shah Reza Pahlavi as He and Hellmates Rally 'Round the Flog by "Don Taysinferno"
60 Fads: Fed Up with Skinned Knees and Bruised Elbows, Rink-Walkers Keep in Step with the Latest Craze by "Cancer S. Tumer"
62 Star Tracks
66 Style: When the Stars Go Slumming, They Do It in Style
69 People's Seventh Annual Poll: You the readers sound off!
72 Words: A Dissatisfied Spy Blows the C.I.A. Cover and Tells All in a Top Secret Tete-a-Tete
75 Crime: "Captain" Nick Paprona Has a Sinking Feeling, But Keeps His Spirits Buoyed by "Bess Imaymucho"
81 Cheaters: Ole! Mexico's Chicken Bullfighter Makes His 500th Kill by "Juan Tumani"
84 Bono: For Bono-Fide Entertainer John Train, the Beat Goes on and on by "Sarah Bullpalsey"
86 Breasts: They May Have Water on the Brain, But Tony Brewer's Faucet Majors Out-Shampoo Farrah
89 Coping: When the CHiPs Are Down, Erik Estrada Cannot Control His-Panic by "Erik Estrada"
91 Lookout
92 Spirit: Texas Evangelist Bud Hobert's Methods May Be Unorthodox, But His Book of Profits Is a Testament to His Pro-Piety by "Hisboy L. Roi"
97 Intimacy: "Keep Out, the Stars Playfully Admonish, as They Slip Away to Secluded Retreats by "Ray D. Ator"
100 Puzzle
103 Couples:Young Love Gives Millionaire Sidney Down a New Lease on Life by "Patty O'Furniture"
107 Money: Sponge King Carl Kleen's Soapy Sales Have Made Him a Billionaire
110 Bottom of the Barrel: Professional Pests Ned, Fred, and Ed Bother Are Masters of Harassment
112 Chatter; Next Week in People
Back Cover - Datsun (real ad)