Payboy (Bruce D. Johnson) - Illinois Chaff - 1958 - 32 pages

The best thing about this college parody of Playboy is that it is very short.  The editors did not put a date on it and many of the article do not include writing credits.  It seems that the editors did not want future Illini to connect them with this disaster.  They would probably be upset if they knew that a copy of Payboy was still in existence in 2016.  The work of "fiction" ("A Farewell to Legs") is a two-page Hemingway parody that has been done much better in other publications.  The other stuff includes the standard centerfold joke ("YUK" - most of it is deleted), some bad party jokes, a few cartoons, and one stupid "Ribald Classic".  The introduction ("Paybill") states: "Every year college publications across the nation issue one best issue."  This must have been a truly bad year for humor at the University of Illinois.  [JAM 4/14/2016]

Front Cover - Playboy logo and man with sign ("A Chaff Parody ...") by Keith Shildneck
Inside Front Cover - Paybill
5  Dear Payboy
7  Payboy After Hours
11 Contents for the Men's Entertainment Magazine
12 A Farewell to Legs by "Ernest Hemmingway"
14 Sack Out For Summer by "Christian Door" (Neil Ball)
15 School Paymate
20 Payboy's Party Jokes
21 Bedroom cartoon by Thomas Hassett
23 Sloppystein at College (drawings by T. Hassett)
27 Ribald Classic: The Riddle by Daniel Moews (drawing by John Berman)
29 Females by Cool: Cautious (drawing by Manuel Hernandez)
30 Food: Ugh!
31 What Sort of Man Reads Payboy?
32 Payboy's International Datebook by "Patrick Chaste" (Carl Stehman); Females by Cool: Illiterate (M. Hernandez)
Back Cover - Salem cigarettes (real ad)