Parody People (Judy Jurgaitis) - TSM Publishing Inc. - Winter 1986 - 64 pages

This parody of People magazine employed an impressive group of humor writers including Sean Kelly of National Lampoon and the future editors of Mad magazine, Charlie Kadau and Joe Raoila.  Although the "TSM" or "Taylor/Shain" parodies rarely gave credit to its writers, it is obvious that Kadau & Raoila were responsible for "Yuppie Chow" on page 58.  Kelly may have written at least one of the "Rants and Raves".  Most of the articles in this parody are wordy and ordinary.  The best of the lot is the feature: "The 25 Most Irritating People of 1985".  The "Most Irritating" list is quite similar to the Mad magazine "Dumbest People" list that began annually in 1998 and has become the most highly anticipated feature of the 65-year-old humor publication.  Clearly, Mad has done a better job than TSM.  And, this parody is sub-standard even for the pre-Photoshop world.  The strange numbering of pages 3 through 15 show that this magazine was rushed to publication.  Name-dropping exists on nearly ever page, including the following "Most Irritating People" listed here in alphabetical order.  [JAM 3/21/2017]

Chevy Chase
Phil Donahue
Tipper Gore
Pee Wee Heman
Hulk Hogan
Stephen King
Ed Koch (1924-2013)
Michael Landon (1936-1991)
Robin Leach
Cardinal John J. O'Connor (1920-2000)
Martha Quinn
Rainbow Brite (1984-1986)
Nancy Reagan (1921-2016)
Mary Lou Retton
Lionel Ritchie
Joan Rivers (1933-2014)
Pete Rose
David Lee Roth
Sylvester Stallone
The Statue of Liberty
Ted Turner
Claus Von Bulow
George Will

Front Cover - Seven of "The 25 Most Irritating People of 1985" and Lady Di
1 - Index
2 - People Who Read People (letters); List of Contributors
[3-6] - Rants & Raves (media reviews)  [My copy of this magazine contains only four unnumbered pages between pages 2 and 11.]
[5] - Pravda cartoon by "Stolichnagy"
11 [7] - Take Two, They're Small (misc.)
12 [8-9] - In Pretoria, S.A., When Love Brings a Boy and Girl Together, Nothing Can Keep Them Apart(heid) by "Al Kaholick"
14 [10-11] - New Facelifts of 1985: The Night of 100 Living Dead Stars by "Jerry Attrick"
[12] - "Compliments from the real thing" (People) [Five pages after page 15 are not numbered]
[13-15] - Career Gals by "Dan Tay"
16 - Angry Knuckle-Dragging Pro-Lifers Protest Presidential Polyp Abortion, Crying: "Tumors Have Rights, Too!" by "Margaret Gangster"
18 - High Flying Lud Mason Circles the World with a Remote-Controlled Plane in the Air and 6,000 Batteries in an Old Mail Bag by "Robert Penn Wiper"
19 - Shot Spots
21 - Adventure by "Cooke Stoors"
23 - Rambomania
27 - Money
28 - Cabbage Snatch - America Searches for Its Disappearing Dolls
30 - Controversy: John Houseman: Phony or Whore?  The Actor Clears Himself of All the Charges, Tries to Sell Our Reporter the Socks of Turin by "Hy Paidflack"
31 - Going Up by "Fred Ricks"
33 - Cover Charge: The 25 Most Irritating People of 1985
40 - I Thought I Thaw ... - After 19 Years, the Wonderful World of Color Returns to Walt Disney's Cheeks by "Wendy Darling"
41 - Loving Your Neighbor Is Easier Said than Done When You Live Near Unbearably Loud and Smelly Celebrities by "P. Pingtom"
43 - Reel Life by "Juan Wonders"
46 - Arts 'N' Crafts by "Bob Woodwords"
47 - Homework (puzzle)
49 - New Faces
51 - Words: Joe Namath is Getting His Confidence Back.  Joe Who?  Oh, Namath.  Well, He's Getting His Confidence Back. (interview)
54 - Lush Life: Heee-e-ere's Ed!  America's Premier Pitchman Trains a New Generation of TV Streetwalkers by "William B. Wingwang"
56 - Look Out! (personalities); ad for TSM parodies
58 - Yuppie Chow: Food For Naught: Permafoods Businessman Clive Squashy Turns Wax to Gold  [probably written by Charlie Kadau & Joe Raiola]
60 - Spirit: For the Lesbian Sister of the Year, Happiness is a Warm Nun
61 - Is a Puzzlement by "Gerald McBoingboing" (puzzle)
62 - Devils Incarnate: The Israelis Have a Lot of Questions, but so far Josef Mengele's Bones Aren't Talking
64 - Last Digs by "John Stank"
Back Cover - Dodge (real ad)