Too!" by "Margaret Gangster"
18 - High Flying Lud Mason Circles the World with a Remote-Controlled Plane in the Air and 6,000 Batteries in an Old Mail Bag by "Robert Penn Wiper"
19 - Shot Spots
21 - Adventure by "Cooke Stoors"
23 - Rambomania
27 - Money
28 - Cabbage Snatch - America Searches for Its Disappearing Dolls
30 - Controversy: John Houseman: Phony or Whore?  The Actor Clears Himself of All the Charges, Tries to Sell Our Reporter the Socks of Turin by "Hy Paidflack"
31 - Going Up by "Fred Ricks"
33 - Cover Charge: The 25 Most Irritating People of 1985
40 - I Thought I Thaw ... - After 19 Years, the Wonderful World of Color Returns to Walt Disney's Cheeks by "Wendy Darling"
41 - Loving Your Neighbor Is Easier Said than Done When You Live Near Unbearably Loud and Smelly Celebrities by "P. Pingtom"
43 - Reel Life by "Juan Wonders"
46 - Arts 'N' Crafts by "Bob Woodwords"
47 - Homework (puzzle)
49 - New Faces
51 - Words: Joe Namath is Getting His Confidence Back.  Joe Who?  Oh, Namath.  Well, He's Getting His Confidence Back. (interview)
54 - Lush Life: Heee-e-ere's Ed!  America's Premier Pitchman Trains a New Generation of TV Streetwalkers by "William B. Wingwang"
56 - Look Out! (personalities); ad for TSM parodies
58 - Yuppie Chow: Food For Naught: Permafoods Businessman Clive Squashy Turns Wax to Gold  [probably written by Charlie Kadau & Joe Raiola]
60 - Spirit: For the Lesbian Sister of the Year, Happiness is a Warm Nun
61 - Is a Puzzlement by "Gerald McBoingboing" (puzzle)
62 - Devils Incarnate: The Israelis Have a Lot of Questions, but so far Josef Mengele's Bones Aren't Talking
64 - Last Digs by "John Stank"
Back Cover - Dodge (real ad)