An Object of Beauty (Steve Martin) - Grand Central Publishing - 2010 - 295 pages

Steve Martin wrote this book without an arrow through his head.  This novel takes us through the very expensive world and lifestyles of those in the business of art sales.  Martin fills his novel with excellent color photographs of the artwork being discussed by the protagonists.  The narrative comes from a fictional art writer (Daniel) who is writing a book about his female friend (Lacey) and her rise through the exclusive galleries and auction houses mostly located within New York City.  We follow Lacey through art booms and busts (September 11, 2001 and the 2008 recession).  Most who read this will not feel sorry for those art dealers who were unable to make their seven-figure deals on paintings by dead people during national crises.  This book by art collector Martin is a work of art in itself but should not be confused with the real world where hard-working folks struggle to make their next mortgage payment.  [JAM 6/23/2011]