Not Quite TV Guide (Gerald Sussman) - Crown/Prince Paperbacks - 1983 - 64 pages

Former editor of National Lampoon, Gerald Sussman gathered a few of his Lampoon buddies (David Kaestle, Ellis Weiner, Tony Hendra, Rick Meyerowitz et al.) together to create the ultimate parody of TV Guide, a television programming publication that has been distributed continuously since 1953.  The real meat of this parody are the center 32 pages (A1 to A32) that provide listing gags and advertisement parodies for a typical week (in 1983?).  It seems that Joan Collins, Bette Davis and Gary Coleman were extremely popular during that week.  I counted 50 listing jokes on one page.  The Sussman team must have brain-stormed at least one thousand mostly plausible titles for really bad television shows.  The person who had the job of editing those listings into a weekly flow is the most valuable staffer on the team.  I have to admit that I would be interested in watching some of those shows just based on the brief editorial blurbs.  They could not be as bad as the "reality" shows that dominate the tube in 2017.  [JAM 4/19/2017]

Front Cover - Joan Collins. John Forsythe, shopping cart and Linda Evans
Inside Front Cover - Barlady (ad parody)
1  Index
2  Is There Trash After Dynasty?  You Bet Your Shopping Cart There Is! by "Del Coronado"
7  Outsider
13 Kojak disco (ad parody)
14 Bad Guys Finish First by "Nina Popinjay"
A-1 Seers Child Cleaning Services (ad parody)
A-2 Letters
A-3 This Week's TV Programs
A-7 Fanny and the Flop (drawing by James Sherman)
A-11 The Little Sperm Who Could (special)
A-12 Save Any Animal (ad parody)
A-15 The Puppet Show (drawing by James Sherman)
A-16 The T&A Team (drawing by James Sherman)
A-27 Picture Diet (ad parody)
A-31 Hardnose & Tremaine (drawing by James Sherman)
A-32 Television Crossword by Ellis Weiner
17 Next Week in Not Quite TV Guide (drawing by James Sherman)
18 What Americans Really Think of Their TV Newscasters by "Ted Turnip"
21 Krafft Valveeta (ad parody)
22 Underground Cable Comes Up for Air by "Helen Nesselrode"
26 Wash 'n' Wear Megashields (ad parody)
27 TV Q&A
28 They Tell Dirty Stories About Pro Football Players! by "Don Bunjie" (drawings by James Sherman)
32 Review: Fanny and the Flop by "MacKenzie Roberts"
Inside Back Cover - "Reach out and piss off someone" (ad parody)
Back Cover - "Is This a Joke - Or What?"