Noo Yawker (J. Arthur Stover) - Penn State Froth - March 22, 1947 - 32 pages

This parody of The New Yorker consists of 12 pages (including the cover) within the pages of the Penn State monthly humor magazine.  The cover shows a bespectacled woman in a blue dress dancing with flowers.   These pages look like the popular magazine but the humor is lacking.  There are six unusual New Yorker-like cartoon that I suppose pass for funny on campus in 1947.  The parody poke fun at the New York calendar, "The Talk of the Town" and three essays about Penn State personalities.  In "Horatius Returns", writer Stephen Sinichak sums up the Penn State experience as "... days of football, cokes, coeds and cows!"

A better parody in the same issue is The Dilly Collision, a four-page spoof of the local campus newspaper, The Daily Collegian.  The paper is just silly with misspelled words and nonsense phrases including the misadventures of fictional "notorious, collegiate politician, Ufiend Pullmer."  The calendar on "page too" notes that the "WRA Bowling Club" will meet at the "White Hall Swimming Pool" at "3-1/2 a.m." on "Sunday, Feb. 31" and stuff like that.  The managing editor of The Dilly Collision is "Wotta Bum."  There is also a tip "for that tired feeling" which is "sit the hell down."  Such are the laughs from the Froth. [JAM 2/1/2010]

Front Cover - Dancing Lady (painting by tyl. - Edward J. Tylkowski)
Inside Front Cover - Camel cigarettes (real ad)
1  Contents; Frothy's Shopping Tips
2  Jokes
3  The Mighty Humbled; cartoon by James Ungar
4  Such Goings on About Town
7  The Talk of the Town
8  Zombie cartoon by Tyl
9  Newsboy cartoon by Tyl
10 Early Penn State by Jim Dugan
11 Dog cartoon by Tyl
12 Horatius Returns by Stephen Sinichak
13 Little King cartoon by Maynard Wood 
14 Profiles: Executive, Prexy, and Boopy by James Framo
15 Gate cartoon by Swineburg
16 Raft cartoon
Insert - The Dilly Collision (four-page newspaper parody)
17 Froth Staff List
18 Rhyme Without Reason
20 Proofreader (jokes)
22 Froth Fotocrime
24 Jokes; Doctor cartoon by Tyl
26 Wax Impressions by Kay Badollet
27 Old Mainia
30 Solution to Fotocrime
31 The Movies: It Needs Sharpening by Ruth Twichell
Back Cover - Chesterfield cigarettes (real ad)