Newswreck (Tom Lutz)

During the Carter administration, a group of entrepreneurs led by Editor Lutz decided to create and distribute a national, monthly parody news magazine.  Unfortunately, they forgot two things:  1. They forgot to get permission from Newsweek and 2.  They forgot to make it funny.  The Newsweek lawyers jumped all over the Newswreck gang forcing them to change their name by the third issue ("Special Change of Name Issue").  The back cover of Newswreck #3 shows their new name - Tyme.  Sadly but not surprisingly, there never was a fourth issue of Newswreck/Tyme.  [JAM 8/15/2020]

Contents: (Newswreck #1 - May 1977 - 64 pages)

Front Cover - Jimmy Carter in the White House with a shoeshine boy and battered Uncle Sam (drawing by Bob August)

1   Editorial Page

2   London Flash! (ad parody)

3   Words (another editorial)

4   Letters (fake)

5   The Coveted Herbie Award: Prof. Arthur Butz

6   Retractions (fake)

7   Exclusive Interview with CIA's Invisible Man (mostly redacted)

8   Snitzoff (ad parody)

9   National Committee for Talking about Diarrhea (ad parody)

10 What sort of man reads Newswreck?

11 All Teachers Fired: De English Language Iz Dead & Gone

12 From Now Until 1985 (predictions)

18 Should Feminine Spray Ads Be Shown on TV During the Family Hours (reader survey)

20 Do-It-Yourself Suicide

22 Another Crappy Breakthrough: Human Sewage Recycling Plant Turns Out Gold

24 Smoke This Magazine: A Family High

25 A Special Newswreck Probe: What Is Love?

26 Bubbles Pnuman (fumetti?)

31 Sister Flabby (fake letters)

32 Newswreck Country (ad parody)

34 Rather Personal (fake personal ads)

35 Martial Aids (ad parody)

36 "Mr. Hamburger" (drawings by Darius Robinson)  [I give up]

38 Numerology (real ad?)

39 TV Weak (magazine parody)  [armpit humor]

43 Executive Van Conversion & Cover-up (Nixon & ad parody)

44 Hollywood Hot Flashes

45 Rock Beat

46 Predictions 1977

48 Survival '77

50 Travel: Where Men Walk on Walls, Kids Do Complicated Math, And Women Harvest Peyote

52 Witless Megadumbs

53 Real Reader Survey

54 Reclassified Ads (fake)

56 Debate: Experts Agree That Skateboarding Can Cause Sex Problems

57 Adventures of Gomer (drawings by Darius Robinson)

58 Astrological Money Calendar (real ad?)

59 Spiro Agnew Famous Writers School (ad parody)

60 The Pennsylvania American Legion Convention (ad parody)

61 Message from Editor-in-Chief & grocery list

62 Book Whirld

64 Subscription Page

Back Cover - Biomate (real ad?)


Contents: (Newswreck #2 - June 1977 - 64 pages)

Front Cover - Special Issue: The Fruits of Technology (gay joke)

1   Editorial Page

2   Editorial: How God Checks Our Progress

4   Letters (fake)

5   The Coveted Herbie Award: Roman Polanski

6   Retractions (fake)

7   Pretention (magazine parody)

11 The Tubal-cam Report (religious humor?)

17 New CIA Drop Spot

18 Blank Page (mostly)

20 In Search of Ancient Altoonians

23 Congressional Report

25 Class Trasher  (ad parody)

26 Nobil (ad parody)

27 Bubbles Pnuman by Guy Merola (very long fumetti)

32 Wreckie of the month: Garben Farbles

38 Xxonandon (ad parody)

39 TV Weak (magazine parody)

42 "Rumplestiltskin" (word game)

43 Debate: Genetics - With the Right DNA, We Could Get in Her Genes

44 Hollywood Hot Flashes

45 The Ugandan Tourist Council (ad parody)

46 Star Drek (astrology)

48 World in Briefs

50 Travel: What To Do If You Wind Up In Ohio

52 The Virgin Contemplator (ad parody)

53 Write Your Own Damn Story (filler)

54 Abe, The Jewish Pawn Broker (drawings by Darius Robinson)

56 Sports

57 International Natural Food Journal (magazine parody)

61 Reader Survey

62 Subscription Page

63 Hic Deficit Orbis? (ballot?)


Contents: (Newsweek #3 - July 1977 - 63 pages)

Front Cover - Special Change of Name Issue ("News" is torn from cover and placed in a coffin)

4   Comments about magazine name change

5   Mostly dark page (blind joke)

6   Another mostly blank page

7   Top of the Wreck (index)

8   Editorial

9   Retractions

10 Letters (still fake)

11 Up Yours Pained-Webbor! (ad parody)

12 Why Howard Hughes Never Gave a Crap

20 Action Line (some more fake letters)

21 The Coveted Herbie Award: Newsweek Magazine

22 Bubbles Pnuman (another one?)

26 Blank page with scribbles

27 Get Off On The Right Foot This Summer.  Read The Wreck

28 Wreckie T-Shirts (ad)

29 Madame Moyselle (magazine parody)

34 Psst!! (fumetti)

36 Night in East Gary (perfume ad parody)

38 4 a.m. News (TV screens)

46 Interview with Tom Valentinski

48 Psycho-Paralyzing Alien Repeller (ad parody)

50 and now this important message (New Metha-Fiend ad parody)

52 I Found It (full page photo of man with hand in his pants "... brought to you by the United Association of Churches ...")

53 Congressional Report

54 Reader Survey

55 Get Fat (another page filler)

56 WKRAP-TV (news break fumetti)

59 Medical Breakthrough: The FDA is Major Cause of Cancer in Rats! (rat photo)

60 Be a Wreckie (send pictures)

61 Subscription Page (12 issues for $10.00 - what a joke)

62 Equal Time (Famous Criminal School ad parody)

Back Cover - Men are changing the cover name to "TYME"