The New Yoiker (Fred D. Pfening, Jr.) - Ohio State Sundial - May 22, 1947 - 44 pages (?)

This high-quality parody of The New Yorker is not what one would expect from a midwest humor publication, but they had some professional help.  The editors went to New York to get technical help from the staff of New Yorker magazine.  The result is the best-looking parody of the weekly magazine that took only two months to create.  The articles and reviews are not remarkable but writers maintained a level articulation that shows a great deal of respect for the original (an important definition of a true parody).  And, in the tradition of great parodies of periodicals, the staff of the Sundial packed the product with an ample supply of advertisement parodies fitting seamlessly within their regular advertisers.  Apparently, they did not have enough material for 44 pages.  My copy has gaps where pages 5, 6, 35 and 36 should be.  Unless this is a mutant issue, the gaps are intentional.  [JAM 10/24/2016]

Front Cover - Elaborate theater scene with torches and masks by Fred Zimmer
Inside Front Cover - Camel cigarettes (real ad)
1 - Sex Fifth Avenue - ad parody (drawing by Fred Zimmer)
2 - Comings Off About Town
8 - Lord Bumble Cola - ad parody
9 - The Talk Around Town
10 - Radio Cartoon by Eppy (Bill Epstein)
11 - Music Cartoon (parody of Charles Addams) by Fred Zimmer
12 - Ohio State Oval drawings by Fred Zimmer
13 - Je Ne Sais Quoi in the Loft (drawing by Bill Epstein)
14 - Barber Cartoon by Harold Graham
15 - You May Fire When Ready, Stridley by "S.J. Perelmoon"
16 - Locker Room Cartoon by Bob McGinnis
17 - Office Cartoon by Bob McGinnis
18 - Profiles in Soap, or Onyx by Bert Hambleton
19 - Faculty Cartoon by Harold Graham
20 - The Theater
21 - Theater ad parodies: Ballet Gusse, Chocolate Sailor, Cyanide de Bergerac, Macaroon, O My Mistress, Tobacco Ridge, Annie Gets Your Goat, State of our Union, Call Me Sister and Marvey
22 - Letter From Mexico City by Frederico
23 - Aqua Lava Never-Shave Club ad parody
24 - The Racy Track by Stan Federman; F. & R. Hazardous Gloves ad parody
25 - Musical Events by Simon Kinsman; Rancid House ad parody; The Pigeon Roost ad parody
26 - The Recurrent Cinema by "P.D."; Chateau Outinbac ad parody
27 - The Art Galleries by Dr. Gisella Hepplewhit; Fanny Fesler's Choc-nougs ad parody; The Ritz-Donny-cove Hotel ad parody
29 - Error France travel ad parody
30 - Books; Bookstore Cartoon by Fred Zimmer
33 - Radio Note
34 - Reserved for the Editor (Fred D. Pfening, Jr.)
37 - Editorial Staff   [end of parody]
38 - Sundial Beauties
41 - 25-1/2 More Reasons Why We Don't Like Women (jokes)
42 - Record Reviews
44 - List of Advertisers
Back Cover - Chesterfield cigarettes (real ad)