The New Yawker (Jay S. Dushoff) - Pennsylvania Pennpix - April 22, 1954 - 40 pages

The editors of this parody of The New Yorker concentrated on the drawings that have been a major portion of the magazine.  The cover drawing shows a female version of the monocled dandy mascot, Eustace Tilley.  Other drawings show multiple monkeys reading The Daily Pennsylvanian ("This is not an advertisement" by "A.B."), mountain rescue dogs, tilted automat, The Addams Family, patient & nurse, man with thought bubble passing woman, Indian with electric blanket, anniversary couple, boss & secretary, flood rescue & ark and many small drawings.  The New Yorker style stories are generally short and nonsensical.  Advertisment parodies are for "Body by Fishor", "Merry, Lynch, Puss, Frank & Beans", "Drumbuie", Smokey Joe's", "Old Bungler Brand" ("The Garlic Whiskey"), movies: "Marilyn Monrow in Anytime", "Dick Hames in South America Take It Away", "Artie Sure in It Had To Be Yours", "Gypsie Rose Lee and Sally Rand in Button Up Your Overcoat", & plays: "Barbara Huttan in Crying in the Chapel", Rock Graziano Bobo Olson in Pink Tights", "Polly Adlar in Call Me Madam" & "Lionel Bearymore in It's All Over Now".  The New Yorker look is here but written content is not.  [JAM 4/9/2015]

Front Cover - The New Yawker mascot (drawing by A.B.)
1  The Daily Philadelphian (drawing by Bill Ball)
2  Nothing Doings in Town (drawing by Gerry Bindok)
7  The Tawk of the Town (drawings by Beard and B. Last)
8  (drawing by Gerry Bindok)
9  (drawing by Bill Last)
10 The Spy by David Sachs)
11 (drawing by Bill Ball)
13 Rome Revisited by Niki Halpern (drawing by Veeder)
14 (drawing by Bill Ball)
16 (drawing by BB)
17 Letter from Istanbul by Albert Mason (drawing by Smith)
18 (drawing by Gerry Bindok)
20 Getting There Is Half the Fun by Simon Chrein (drawing by Ball)
21 (drawing by Beard)
22 Body by Fishor
23 Merry Lynch, Puss, Frank & Beans
24 Profiles: A Porkly Pioneer by Richard Levinson & William Link
26 The Current Cinema by Yawn McBox & movie ad parodies (drawing by Sm.)
28 Footwear's Little Fallacies by Zack Bowen
30 The Theatre by Woolrot Glibs & play ad parodies
32 From the Pot to the Pan by Esther Hart (drawing by Veeder)
33 Pulverizing Plurals by Robert Rothenberg (poetry)
34 Cynthia by Winston Morrison (drawing by B.B.)
37 Propagation of Culture by Albert D. Mason (drawing by Bill Last)
38 Books by Tamali Southeast (drawing by Seth)
40 Drumbuie & The Trash: Galloping Garbage
Inside Back Cover - Smokey Joe's (drawing by Beard)