The New Yawker (Sarah Manning) - Ohio State Sundial - May 28, 1959 - 32 pages

This is fortunately a very short parody of The New Yorker.  The artwork and the advertisement parodies are very good but the articles are awful.  The effort to mimic the New Yorker style is appreciated but the humor is missing.  The best material is actually hidden toward the back of the book in numerous ad parodies.  It is obvious that some of the staff have been influenced by MAD Magazine evidenced by numerous references to "Grunch", "Moxie", "Axolotl", "Melvin", (Lenny) "Shirdlu" and "A.E. Neuman" on pages 21 to 29. 


Front Cover - winter night scene with moon dial (drawing by Jim Loeffler)
3   Comings Off About Town
5   Steebun Glass (ad parody) - "Since 1854 Serving Minors"
8   Beed & Rarton (ad parody)
9   The Tawk of the Town (drawings by Joel Meyerowitz)
10  Fine Arts cartoon (drawing by George Soppelsa)
11  Graveyard cartoon (drawing by Caryl Chase)
12  David Among the Dandelions by "J.D. Solinger" (drawing by Tommy Lippes)
13  Soviet Space cartoon (drawing by Art Davis)
14  Further Fables of Our Time by "James Thurbear" (Bucket and Dipper cartoon by Epstein)
15  Profiels [sic]: The Old Master Planner (drawings by Mary Ellen Cranston)
16  Lincoln for 1959 (ad parody)
18  What is Tom Sawyer Looking at? (Hannibal, Missouri travel ad parody)
21  The Theatre by "Calvin Grunch"
22  Our Town & A Majority of One (theatre ad parodies)
23  The Current Flick: Classics Revisited by "Frederick Victor" (ad parodies for The World of Suzie Wong [backwards], Bells are Ringing, Yule Brynner in The Redhead, and Chonnie Walker)
24  Columbai Stereo-Infidelity Pornographs (ad parody)
27  At the Riot
28  Bookes [sic] by "A.E. Neuman" (jungle cartoon by W.H. Brown)
31  The Rhinoceros by "Ogden Nosh" (poetry)
32  Sundial Lineup and Contents
Inside Back Cover - Rheingold ad parody