The New Yakker (Chris Sprague) - M.I.T. Voo Doo - Jan. 5, 1960 - 28 pages

This is a very short (28 pages) parody of The New Yorker.  The artwork is very good and the advertisement parodies are clever.  But, the text is generally unfunny and seems to have been rushed.  The main stories of the issue ("Ye Head-Lesse Knight" & "Hostel Youth") are much too long.  Both of them are just meandering, stream-of-consciousness drivel that serve only to fill pages with text.  The editors must have expected readers to simply breeze by these ponderous non-stories looking for the next cartoon.  Although the cover title is "The New Yakker", the original (?) title "The New Yaaker" with two a's instead of two k's appears three times on the "Goings on About Town" page.  As is typical with such student publications, continuity is not their strong point.  [JAM 8/8/2020]


Front Cover - Monocled New Yorker with Voo Doo cat (drawing by Paul Ruberstein)
1   Publishing information & staff
2   Goings on About Town
3   Mal de Mer (perfume ad parody)
4   Conservative Airlines (ad parody; drawing by Roger Lewis)
5   Ten Day Irish Whiskey Wonder Diet
6   Joe Cerdo Tequila (ad parody; drawing by Maris Peika)
7   The Talk of the Town
8   Lawn mower cartoon by "Chon Day" (Roger Lewis)
9   Hertfordshire Family Cumquat Wine (ad parody)
10  Mad scientist cartoon by "Chas Addams" (Paul Rubenstein)
11  Ye Head-Lesse Knight by Greg N. Gabbard; Boardroom cartoon by "Saxon" (Paul Rubenstein)
13  Ol' Crampus with Max Shmultz by Bob Hirschfeld
16  Hostel Youth by Robert Jay
18  Bowtie cartoon (drawing by S.T.)
20  Montmorance 700 (ad parody; drawing by Paul Rubenstein)
21  Musical Events
22  Books (drawing by Paul Rubinstein)
24  Furs Inc. (ad parody; drawing by Jaime Caro)
25  Potany 5000 (ad parody); Dreckvoll Ammunition (ad parody; drawing by Roger Lewis)
27  Borscht (ad parody)
28  Photo of Voo Doo General Manager Tim Hart's foot ("a new concept in toe-nail magic")