The New Forker (John Ward) - Michigan Gargoyle - November 17, 1965 - 24 pages

This is a good-looking but short parody of The New Yorker.  The artwork and the advertisement parodies ("Gargads") are the best features of the publication.  Much of the written portions read like fillers.  Many of the jokes involve obscure references to local establishments that would appeal only to University of Michigan students.  There are several comments about the War in Vietnam - a subject of great interest to all students in the 1960s.  One of the play reviews in "The Theatre" section if for "The War in Viet Nam" - "A new musical comedy by L.B. Johnson, depicting the riotous happenings when the red forces of evil attempt to subterfuge the efforts of the Great Knight to bring peace and happiness to the inhabitants of a tiny jungle principality."  The humor is closer to mediocre than wacky but the editors wisely kept it short.  [JAM 11/17/2016]

Front Cover - New York City is about to be hit by a giant tidal wave (drawing by "Steinbohn")
1 Peck & Peck & Peck & Peck (Gargad) - drawing by Rick Bohn
2 Goings on About Town - drawing by Rick Bohn
3 The Mug Pattern (Gargad)
5 Gunt Shirtmakers (Gargad)
7 Hertz! (Gargad)
8 Sincled (Gargad)
9 The Talk of the Town - drawings by Rick Bohn and Sue Karlin
10 Bathroom Cartoon - drawing by Sylvia Solem
11 Crowd-Surfing Cartoon - drawing by Rick Bohn
12 Bartender's Equinox - poetry by "Baka"
13 They Say One Can Find Love, or Sex, Anyway by Joyce Winslow; Barbershop/Frankenstein Cartoon by "Chas Adams"
14 Quiet Hours - poetry by "Bludgeon Battalion"
15 A Thought Concerning Life [Unfinished]; Safety Pin Cartoon by Sue Karlin; Viet Cong Cartoon by Chris Frayne
17 Samuel Finer & Son, Finer Sweaters; Air India; Pakistan International Airlines (Gargads)
18 I am a college dropout.  I can't fight good.  Help me please. (Gargad)
19 The Theatre: East is Eastern, And West is out of it - drawing by Rick Bohn; A Time-Honored Monument - poetry by Carolyn Delevitt
20 Personal Theatre Program Presents The Ape Company (Gargad)
21 The Current Cinema by Chris Burditt
22 Musical Events by Steve Zarit; My Fair Landlady, Barefoot in the Arb and Hello Harley (Gargads)
23 Newspaper Reader Cartoon - drawing by Bohn & Burditt (real ad)
Back Cover - Cutty Sark (Gargad)