National Lamprune (Dave Schreiner & Ed Goodman) - The Bugle-American - August 1974 - 72 pages

Who would even try to do a parody of National Lampoon?  The outrageous humor magazine that dominated the market in the 1970s would seem to have been an impossible target to tackle.  In fact, the only other parodies of NL to my knowledge were done by NL itself: "National Lampoon 1906" in 1971 and, "National Lampoof" in 1974.  But, the crazy gang at Bugle-American gave it a try.  The result is uneven at best.  The "Self Exposure Monthly" starts with "How to Write a Lampoon Joke".  The cartoons are good but the text is short of substance.  Next is a pretty good comic book parody ("Tales of Fightin' J-Men") that ends with the protagonist janitor getting addicted to cleaning fluid and the only job he could get is with Mad magazine (a very Lampoon-esque ending).  Then, there are two disgusting articles written by co-editor Dave Schreiner.  Neither article is worthy of NL nor is either of any use as parody.  The worst article of the issue is "Sadistique" - a product catalog for parents who want to torture their children.  This bit is long, very hard to read, and mostly unfunny.  But, the parody ends with four pages of excellent NL-style comic strips.  The artwork is the redeeming portion of an otherwise lackluster parody of the notorious humor-magazine-with-no-rules.  [JAM 4/20/2017]

Front Cover - Dancing Prunes (drawing by Dan Burr)
1  Contents (Bugle-American)
2  News on the March
5  True Facks
8  Editorial Page (Bugle-American)
9  Letters
13 Self Exposure Monthly by Ed Goodman and Dave Schreiner with drawing by Tim Boxell (cover for magazine parody)
15 Editorial Page/Contents (for parody)
16 How to Write a Lampoon Joke by Ed Goodman
19 Tales of Fightin' J-Men by Dave Schreiner and Ed Goodman (drawings by Dan Burr)
27 Collectors Items (summary of future National Lamprunes)
28 The Most Disgusting Article Ever by Dave Schreiner
32 National Lampoon Story Computer by Ed Goodman
35 Photo Phunnies
36 Back Cover of Self Exposure Monthly (drawing by Tim Boxell)
38 Nervus Record Club (ad parody)
40 Using the Stanley Steel Square by Waterhams Swindleton
42 Photo Phunnies
44 Beaver Cleaver by Dave Scheiner
53 Eats by Dave Schreiner (drawings by Peter Loft)
57 Hats for the Hunchback
59 Sadistique Mail Order Catalogue by Ed Goodman (drawings by Tim Boxell)
68 Funny Pages: Nertz by Ann Spransy; Doity Dork by Peter Loft; Leech Pizzle by Peter Loft; Trots and Bonnie by Peter Loft
Back Cover - Dirty Jack's Record Rack (real ad; drawing by Dan Burr)