National Geographic (Ross E. Arbes & Hayes H. Davenport) - Harvard Lampoon - 2008 - 96 pages

This is a really good parody except for those pages with Paris Hilton posing with some guy in a gorilla suit.  What was that?  The presentation is slick; the photos are excellent; and the articles are crisp and to the point.  Pages 18-19 show a drawing of Japanese whalers using advanced technology against whales on wheels.  Sir Christian Bonington (96) became the oldest climber of Mount Everest with a crew to help him find his clothes.  Antioxidants have been reclassified as "highly deadly."  The "teen" section is focused on "preserving America's most precious natural resource: Zac Efron."  The central feature article ("Children in the Military" reports on the average age (10.5) of soldiers in the Philippines, and lower ages in other areas.  Endangered species are depicted in photos/paintings of James Dean, Abe Lincoln, Jesus Christ et al.  And, Brandon Busey took a $60, 000 grant to explore Antarctica but was apparently spied at a local Circuit City.  It could have been his identical twin brother but probably not.  He would have included photos, but his assistant lost their only camera and then the assistant fell through the ice and drowned.  Other than Ms. Hilton, this is a very entertaining college publication.  [JAM 4/22/2017]

Front Cover - Paris Hilton in the wild
3  Index (fake)
4  Departments (fake)
6  Editor's Note by "Kristof John"
8  Letters
11 Your Shot: Family Fun
12 Photo Journal by "William Bradford"
14 Visions of Earth
20 Family of Man
22 Expeditions
24 Culture
25 Health
26 Wildlife
29 National Geographic Kids
32 National Geographic Teen
36 Paris Hilton in Your Wildest Animal Fantasy
41 National Geographic Celebrating 120 Years of Informing Your World
46 Children in the Military
50 Seeking the Island Fox
54 Species in Danger
58 Taboo
62 Beijing Rising (2008 Olympics)
68 Voyage to Antarctica by "Brandon Busey"
72 The Power of Light
74 Among the Animals: The African Honeybee
78 AIDS in Africa
86 Silent Springs 82224
90 Inside Geographic
94 Next Month: Paris in Afghanistan
96 Flashback : Big Bang ("National Geographic was there")
Back Cover - Aspen Snowmass (real ad)