Mud (Roger Jones) - UMass Yahoo - January 1965 - 32 pages

This is an extremely tacky parody of Mad by the mostly-male staff of the quarterly, college humor publication.  There are attempts to parody the artistic styles of Dave Berg, Antonio Prohias, Don Martin, Al Jaffee and others, but most of the jokes seem to devolve into male fantasies about college hookups that usually include massive doses of alcohol.  On page 4 ("The Darker Side of U Mass"), "Harry" from "Felta Thi" is a student who drinks a lot and "raped the house mother".  On page 29 ("Spy vs. Spy") there is another rape and a subsequent pregnancy.  These jokes were not funny then and are not funny now.  The cover (drawn by "Kelly Freeass") is a crude drawing of "Alfred E. Neuman" wearing a button stating "No. I am not Ringo Star".  There is a movie parody ("Beach Party"), "The Mud 1965 Calendar", a brief tour of Amherst, Massachusetts, the "A.E. Neuman" celebrity wallet, nine comic strip parodies, and "The University of Massachusetts Primer" - all typical features of an Al Feldstein magazine from the 1960s.  The fold-in turns Alf into a groper.  The Morse code for Spy vs. Spy translates to "In Your Ur".  What does that mean?  I was in college and a Mad reader in 1965.  I would like to think that I could have written better stuff than this.  I give it a D-minus.  [JAM 10/16/2016]

Front Cover - "This Yahoo Parody Entitled ... Mud ... Will Make Alfred E. Neuman Worry" (drawing by Abe Spencer)
1 - Index ("Volume 11, No. II" - "The usual gang of lechers" - "Departures")
2 - Mud subscription ad
3 - Lettuce Dept.
4 - Bird's Eye View Dept. - The Darker Side of U Mass (Roger Jones)
6 - Choke And Dagger Dept. - Dean vs. Student (Abe Spencer)
7 - Bitch Party Dept. - Beach Party (Abe Spencer)
9 - Boy Are You a Dreamer Dept. - Scenes We'd Like to See (Abe Spencer)
10 - Time And Time Again Dept. - The Mud 1965 Calendar (Danny Glosband and Roger Jones)
14 - Peyton Place Dept. - The Sights That Bite in the USA
16 - Sow's Ear Out of a Silk Purse Dept. - Celebrities Wallets (Abe Spencer and Al Scheinman)
18 - Strip Dept. - If Comic Strip Characters Patronized Our Advertizers or How to Sneak Ads in a Magazine that Doesn't Have Ads (Roger Jones)
21 - Don Martin Dept. - Registration Day
23 - Arts And Grafts Dept. - The University of Massachusetts Primer (Roger Jones and Dave Axelrod)
26 - It Takes Balls to Play This Game - Basketball (Abe Spencer)
28 - Get Off the Pot Dept. - Scenes We'd Really Like to See (John Canney)
29 - Choke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
30 - Don Martin Dept. - Don Martin Arrives at His Office
31 - This Issue's Pointless, One Page Mud Fold-In: The Other Side of Alfred E. Neuman (John Canney)
32 - General Erectic ad parody
Back Cover - Clairol (real ad)