Modern Spleen (Dick Neuweiler) - Penn State Froth - 1953 - 47 pages

The cover of this Modern Screen magazine parody promises "Not One Picture of Marilyn Monroe!"  The articles are rambling and mostly nonsense but the editors have used a clever device to fill space.  They have borrowed rambling nonsense from other sources and have put the "continued" portions of those articles and have placed them at the back of the magazine.  Articles were borrowed from Esqueer (the 1951 Froth parody), Tarzan the Terrible, "The Klumeck Story", last issue (of Froth) and "nowhere."  Some of these articles with no beginning also have no end as they are "continued next issue."  This parody has a good look to it but you should not actually try to read it.  [JAM 7/11/2020]

Stories & Departments:

Cover - unknown woman
3   Index
4   Hollywood Distort
6   Behind the Scenes
8   Louella Parboild's Hollywood
10 Movie Reviews
11 Walt Dismal's Peter Puberty (ad parody)
15 The Truth About Edwin Booth by his brother, John W.
16 I Knew That: The Real Life of a Real Star, Piper Laurie, Written by her Real Mother, Mrs. Georgine Pralovoff
18 John Wayne Finds The Way by Sheilah Donley
20 The Dope Smoker (ad parody) - index shows "Let's Stop the Money Grabbing"
21 A Promising Newcomer by Hedda Lambert
22 It's Love$ Love$ Love$ by Fiddler Fielding
26 DeMille To Shoot Humanity by Lambert Lambert
31 The Klumeck Story (continued) - plus Rita Hayworth joke
33 (continued from nowhere)
34 Photo Credits (not really)
35 (continued from nowhere)
36 I Saw It Happen (also on pages 41, 44 and 45)
38 The Meaning of Life by Anne Francis
39 (continued from nowhere)
40 Modern Spleen Ballot Box
41 (continued from Tarzan the Terrible)
42 (continued from nowhere; plus Phil Harris joke)
43 (continued from Esqueer)
44 (continued from last issue)
45 Blasphemy Language Courses (ad parody)
46 Index of Advertisers
73 Lassie's Estrogen (nope)
81 Why Am I Not a Communist (nope)
84 How I Earned My Phi Beta Kappa Key (nope)
90 How I Earned Franchot Tone (nope)
91 How Franchot Tone Earned a Punch in the Horn (nope)