is Martha Stuart Living? (Tom Connor & Jim Downey) - Southport Beach Productions - 1994 - 64 pages

This book parodies that perfect homemaker covering subjects from dinner guests to yard sales.  The first (?) parody of Living magazine lists self-described feminists/humorists from the Hysteria bi-monthly as contributors.  Although the real Martha Stewart is an easy target, with her unlimited time for household projects, this glossy coffee table magazine sets the standard and is destined to become a classic. [Jamlog]

Front Cover - Martha is twisting an arm at the yard sale
2 - Martha's Calendar
3 - Breakfast on Mt. Everest
4 - A Letter from Martha
5 - Contents
6 - Letters to Martha
7 - Contents
8 - Editorial Staff
9 - Things
12 - Details
14 - Homekeeping
18 - Gardening
23 - Dirt
24 - Gift Making
27 - Collecting
31 - Glue Guns
32 - Centerfold
35 - Holidays
36 - Entertaining
49 - Camp Martha
51 - The Recipes
54 - Television
55 - Dinner
59 - The Guide
64 - Recollecting
Back Cover - Bacardi (real ad)

Martha Stuart's Better Than You At Entertaining (Tom Connor & Jim Downey) - HarperPerennial - 1996 - 64 pages

This is the second of three excellent "Martha Stuart" books by Connor & Downey that parody the homemaking empire of the real Martha Stewart.  The cover shows Martha walking on water because she can do anything better than you.  This helpful entertaining guide outlines eight annual events that are ripe for Martha's special touch.  Whenever you have the opportunity to host a "Papal Visit", Martha has the menu for you including loaves & fish, and some cream cheese/caviar artful creations.  What could be better for a garden party than smoked woodchuck and a cake made of compost.  The photographs of Martha's concepts are perfectly blended into this elegant roadmap to successful partydom.  I for one, would be at a loss for what serve for a young male's "Circumcision Day" - cocktail weiners and Swedish meatballs of course.  Only Martha would deem this a day for celebration.  The other yearly happenings in the book are Valentine's Day ("chilled oysters with powdered rhinoceros horn"), Mother's Day ("Jell-O aquarium mold"), Fourth of July ("freshly caught record striped bass with cucumber scale" and "Truman compote"), All Soul's Day ("mortadeli on caskets of toast"), and last but not least - Christmas ("branded & roasted limited-range wild turkey").  Yes, this is your go-to book for those special menus and decorating tips that you never knew you needed.  As the authors noted: "... thanks to the nearly inimitable Martha Stewart, peerless stylist, entrepreneur and (to date) good sport, without whom this parody would not have been conceivable."  [JAM 5/8/2017]

Front Cover - Martha walks on water
9  Easter
17 Labor Day
25 Circumcision Day
37 Mother's Day
43 4th of July
49 All Soul's Day
55 Christmas

Martha Stuart's Excruciatingly Perfect Weddings (Tom Connor & Jim Downey) - HarperPerennial - 1998 - 64 pages

The "Martha Stuart" trilogy is the classic magazine parody of a subject that was so ripe for it.  The final volume takes wedding planning to the ultimate degree.  The planning starts 20 years before the event with the groom selection being the least of the details.  Of most importance is using Martha as the planner, and sending mass quantities of consultant fees her way.  The prenuptial agreement should favor the bride.  There must be music and dancing.  The "Hell Toupee" duo and "Martha and the Vendettas" are recommended.  The invitations should "sing like the sirens on the proverbial shore."  The bride should make her own cake, dress (from home grown cotton), and all bridesmaids dresses (four sizes too small for entertainment).  And, you cannot have too many utensils for the table setting.  The example on pages 26-27 shows 32 tools per plate including "ear wax fork", "gnu butter knife" and "drool recovery spoon."  The food should be prepared from recipes found in Martha Stuart's books.  For example, "fowl buffet", "baby carp sushi in rice rolls" and "Martha's Edited Alphabet Soup."  If there is such a thing as perfect parody, this is it.  [JAM 5/10/2017]

Front Cover - Martha barges into the wedding photo and the cake topping
5  Introduction
6  Wedding Planner: Things I Insist You Remember
8  Bouquets
14 Pre-Nups
17 Arranging Music
22 Invitations
24 Preparations
25 Homemade Wedding Cake
26 Table Settings
28 Throwables
30 A Homemade Gown
34 Bridesmaids
36 A Family Wedding
50 Menus & Recipes
62 Retractions
64 Thanks