Lurk (Thomas Timberlake) - Stanford Chaparral - March 9, 1955 - 56 pages

Introducing a beach theme for their annual parody issue, the Stanford gang presents a young man ("Rex Barf") lurking at his girl friend ("Marianne Schmogledorff") sunbathing during the "beach party".  The 1955 parody target was Look magazine that competed with Life on the newsstands from 1937 to 1971.  The editorial staff of Chaparral knew just how to sell humor to the college students of Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.  Staff members include Winston Churchill, Speedy Gonzales, Lucrezia Borgia and Wladizu Liberace.  In addition to "Teen Age Fun at the Beach ...", feature articles examine a television game show ("You Make the Incision"), teenagers taking charge of a city ("Youth Day Rampage"), an interview with an Iranian terrorist ("Kashmir ben Seraglio"), and the really bad basketball team of cross-town rival - University of California at Berkeley.  The Berkeley players, who are recruited to lose game in an elaborate gambling/revenue scheme, are shown in uniform listening to their coach ("Nowelleski") with unlit cigarettes in their mouths.  The magazine also includes several excellent advertisement parodies but you are have to look for them since they are generally buried among the real ads.  The full-page ad for "Philip Morgues" with "Snap-Open ... convenient pack for America's foulest cigarettes" is on page two ("see for yourself what green tobacco means to you in sore lungs, nic fits, bad breath").  [JAM 8/17/2015]

Front Cover - Beach scene with lurking boy friend
2  Philip Morgues (ad parody) - drawing by Bill Davis
4  Index; Picture of the Month in Enemascope ("Armageddon")
7  Behind the Seams
8  Lurk Appalls; Brother Beerstein cartoon by "Chan Bay"
10 What They Are Spraying; Nursery School cartoon by "Berenstained"
12 Letters to the Editor
14 Making the Events; Desert Island cartoon by "Irwin Cap gun"
15 Churl Eyelash Curler (ad parody) - "Guaranteed by Bad Housekeeping"
17 TV Operations
20 Teen Age Fun at the Beach ... (produced by "Gnatnoop Murietta")
22 Normal Princeton Veale Answers Your Questions
24 Youth Day Rampage by Rex Burns (drawings by Bob Haydock)
26 Morpho's Death Capsules (ad parody)
30 They Shall Not Pass! by George F. Babbitt, Lurk's Iranian Editor
32 Al Bobble: Cager with a Conscience by "Bud Weiser, Lurk's Agony Editor"
36 Miraculous Cotton Candy (fashion)
38 Bild-A-Treen (do-it-yourself)
40 Tenderlip "T" (ad parody)
43 Movie Review ("Punch Drunk")
48 Food for Thought
52 For Oily Women; Vulvex Worm Capsules (ad parody)
53 Ape Hard Rubber Combs (ad parody)
54 Photofizz
55 D.D.T. Prescription (ad parody)
56 Lurk on the Left Side Edited by "Gurnsey Cowe" (jokes plus cartoons by "Stan Inline", "W. Skeig" and "Raw")
Back Cover - Winston cigarettes (real ad)