Lunatics (Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel) - Putnam - 2012 - 309 pages

Authors Barry and Zweibel collaborated on this creative novel by alternating chapters in the guise of a forensic plumber (Barry) and a pet shop owner (Zweibel).  The main characters have a minor dispute during a youth soccer game that escalates during their next meeting and continues to escalate until they find themselves fleeing from authorities in Cuba, Somalia, Yemen, China and New Jersey.  Their wild and extremely improbable adventure puts them in the forefront of modern politics and current culture.  Special appearances are made by Charo, Donald Trump and numerous unsavory individuals.  I would be remiss if I did not warn potential readers that this novel has more scatological references than any other novel I have ever read.  If that is a turnoff for you, then run away from this one.  I have heard that there is a major motion picture in the works but I know that some of the scenes are unfilmable.  The format of the book seems to be a can-you-top-this, tag-team chain-letter between the two humorists that takes the reader on a high-speed trip somewhat like being blindfolded in Disneyland's Space Mountain.  May the buyer beware. [JAM 2/29/2012]