Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul (Douglas Adams 1952-2001) - Pocket Books - 1990

This is the second and last Dirk Gently detective novel by the wildly imaginative Mr. Adams.  I cannot imagine what Mr. Gently would have investigated after this one and we will never know because Adams died suddenly at the age of 49.  Gently and a New York/London woman named Kate somehow get involved with the gods, Odin and Thor.  Kate wants to fly to Norway apparently because she is tired of England where the pizza shops do not deliver.  The gods did not want her to go and one in particular (Thor) takes her on a completely different trip.  Detective Gently still has no money to pay his receptionist or the local newsman, but he manages to score a ticket to Valhalla for the battle of the ages.  Throughout the reading of the book, I kept wondering: Where is he going with this?  I think he was making it up as he wrote it.  But, it was an interesting ride. [JAM 3/20/2010]