The Lone Rancher (Roy Thomas/Wally Wood) - Topps Krazy Little Comics 1967 (8 pages - 2.5" x 3.5")

This is a parody of The Lone Ranger comic strip by several writers and artists including Fran Striker (1903-1962), Bob Green, Paul S. Newman (1924-1999), Ed Kressy (1902-1986) and Charles Flanders (1907-1973).

The front page finds our hero being hit by arrows and telling his native companion that they are in trouble.  Toronto, leaning on a "WHITE ROCK," responds with the old joke: "What do you mean 'we' white man?"

Page 2 - The Lone Rancher rides up on a white horse to Toronto, sitting by the campfire, and tells him to mount up because there is a stagecoach hold-up in progress.

Page 3 - The Lone Rancher, now riding a tan "horse of a different color," tells Toronto, riding a horse with tiger stripes, that this is their most important adventure.  The Lone Rancher's saddle blanket is from the "WACO HILTON."

Page 4 - The Lone Rancher (shooting) and Toronto (now riding a donkey) ride to the stage coach but there are no crooks in sight.  The Lone Rancher's horse (white again) has a shoeprint brand.  The space on the back of The Lone Racher's shirt is "FOR RENT."

Page 5 - The Lone Rancher opens the strongbox while Toronto continues to ask whether the stage drivers are the crooks.  A man is dancing on the stage-coach in the background.

Page 6 - The Lone Rancher and Toronto load the strongbox (labeles "WEAK BOX") onto the horse while Toronto again asks who the crooks are. 

Page 7 - The Lone Rancher and Toronto ride off into the sunset as The Lone Rancher reminds Toronto that silver bullets do not grow on trees.  Toronto's horse now has leopard spots. 

Throughout the adventure, Toronto refers to The Lone Rancher as "Keen-ol-savage," "Kimono-saki." "King-o-swami," "Kinky-sammy" and "Kim-Novak-savvy."

Page 8 - Back page is an ad parody for "Charles Fatless."  Mr. Fatless is a green man who looks like The Hulk.  The "world's richest man" promises to "make a monkey out of you" if you send him all of your money.