Live Right And Find Happiness (Dave Barry) - Putnam - 2015 - 225 pages

You may be wondering: "What has Dave Barry been doing lately?"  It seems like he has not published a book since ... 2014.  Well, Dave has been very busy thinking about silly stuff that might fill the pages of another book he could sell for $26.95.  "Live Right ..." is his 40th book but who's counting?  This book consists of nine essays about the things that occupied Dave's geriatric brain since the last time he emptied his brain.  We have now learned that Dave is not a fan of David Beckham; is concerned about his daughter's driving skills; is amazed that soccer referees make up rules as they go; went to Brazil; and, actually enjoyed a lecture tour in Russia.  These are all hilarious topics when filtered through the signature analytical ability of Dave Barry.  At this point, I would usually list a few of Dave's most humorous anecdotes but let's face it: every page is a gem of his classic wit.  To prove this, I will select four pages at random and cite one amazing piece of humor from each page.

Page 50: "You party hard into your twenties ... but then, as the burdens of age and career and -- above all -- parenthood press down on you, you put your bong collection on craigslist and settle down."  [That's kinda funny.]

Page 100: "Each time the Colombians scored, the entire team sprinted to a corner of the field and performed, in unison, a well-choreographed and highly entertaining salsa line dance."  [I am sure he is exaggerating.]

Page 150: [is blank.]

Page 200: "I am struck by the fact that the Russians love sweets, but almost none of them are fat; whereas we Americans are always on diets, and we're a herd of manatees." [See what I told you?"]

Maybe the random selection of quotes was not a good idea but I enjoyed every page.  I also think that everyone should read the final essay in the book ("A Letter to My Grandson") that begins on page 215.  [JAM 5/2/2015]