Lite (Edwin Brennan ?) - Stanford Chaparral - March 12, 1952 - 48 pages

The cover of this early Life magazine shows "King John - Knight of the Bath" in full armor entering "Ye Gentlemen" restroom with a can opener in hand.  President Harry S. Truman is listed on the page 1 masthead with a very large staff that includes Whittaker Chambers, Mickey Spillane, Louisa May Alcott, Eastman Kodak, Francis Cardinal Spellman, Rin-Tin-Tin, Luther Burbank, Thomas Aquinas, Robert Taft, Moby Dick, The Brothers Grimm, Chicken Little, Pooh, Susan B. Anthony, Joan Bennett, Levi Strauss, Wilma F. Wonka, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Dick Tracy, Tess, Junior, Grandma Moses, Homer, Alfred Hitchcock, Phillip Morris, Winston Churchill, Salvador Dali, Adam Smith, Jack the Ripper, Karl Marx, Diamond Jim Brady, Rasputin, Herb Caen, Gen. Doug McArthur, Adolf Hitler, The Wicked Witch of the North, Igloo Muckluck, Admiral Bird et al.  It is nearly impossible to separate the names of actual contributors from the jokes.  "Doug MacArtie", "Abe Lincoln", "Bobby Taft", "Irv Berlin", "Harry S." and "Hank Clay" also wrote letters to the editor.  For it's feature pictorial, Lite summarizes the "History of Western Civilization" in eight pages.  In addition, the magazine reports on the attack by Monaco on Andorra after completing their 400-mile tunnel under France.  Another piece of research covers the ancient "Stanford Woman" with an artist's concept of a cave woman wearing an animal skin and saddle oxfords.  Ad parodies include "L'Omelette ... beeeestro" (inside front cover), "Bear Aspirin" (with nuclear intro: "In 4.4 Seconds A Superior Civilization Can Wipe Out An Inferior Civilization ..."), "Tattler Hotels", "Nuden's Cough Drops", "Coldate Ribbon Dental Cream", and "Blisterine".  In 1952, the Stanford Chaparral established itself as the West Coast answer to the Harvard Lampoon.  [JAM 3/15/2015]

Front Cover - King John: Knight of the Bath
1  Editorial Staff
2  Letter to the Editors
7  Contents
8  For That 1 Man in 70 Who Ever Shaves; Relieve the Pressure of Spinal Agony (ad parodies)
9  What's Their Problem? - Speaking of Pictures
11 Bear Aspirin (ad parody)
13 Tattler Hotels (ad parody - drawings by Robt. Simon)
15 Andorra Girds for Last Stand
18 Editorial: The Almighty Problem
19 Picture of the Week: Stanford Bag
20 A Fine Small Car; Nuden's Cough Drops (ad parody)
21 People
22 Master of Our Age (drawings by Ambler and Clem Sprague)
25 Stanford vs. Mills
28 Matilda and Mary Lou
29 Simian Psychologist
30 Coldate (ad parody)
31 Blisterine (ad parody)
32 Western Civilization
35 The College Terrace Mob
37 Science: Discover First Stanford Woman (drawing by Stockton)
39 Lite Goes to Hell
48 What's in a Picture
Back Cover - Camel cigarettes (real ad)