Liff  (Frank McGuire) - Yale Record - February-March 1962 - 60 pages

The clowns at Yale probably spent about two weeks on this one and they did not work too hard at it.  This is easily the worst college magazine parody I have ever read.  There are typographical errors on almost every page.  The photos are of poor quality.  The best of the photos are stock, black-and-white stills from old movies to which inept writers have tried (and failed) to add clever comments.  The articles are arduous, repetitive, pointless and much too long for the average reader.  In several cases, the Yale "writer" has commented within the articles that nobody reads this stuff; they just look at the pictures.  There are some advertisement parodies here but they also suffer from a lack of effort.  At "50 Cents", this thing was over-priced in 1962.  It is amazing that copies of it still exist.  [JAM 6/29/2017]

Front Cover - Mad Biter Terrorizes Nation
Inside Front Cover - Summons from the editors of Life
1  Swell Telephone System (ad parody)
2  Index; Picture of the Week: Storm Ravages New England
4  Editorials: Nature's Big Lesson; Chins Up, Americans
5  Crass Toothpaste (ad parody)
7  Letters to the Editors ("Jon Kenedie", "B. Goldwater", "Benj. Franklin", "Etoin Shrdlu", etc.)
9  Liff Guide (drawings by Chas.)
10 Crash Toothpaste (ad parody)
11 List of Contributors (mostly joke names)
13 Special Report: Weather or Not by "Corry Cumulus"
14 Wave of Terror Sweeps U.S. (Mad Biter)
20 Liff on the Newsfronts of the World
26 Mutual of New East Yam (ad parody)
27 The John Beecher's Promise to America
28 Fallow Brush Company and Huuver Vacuum Company (ad parody)
32 The Yale Delay News (ad parody)
33 Why Johnny Can't Breed
34 The Yaller Page (ad parody)
35 Close-Up: Felix Schwartz-Murphy (poetry)
40 Movies: Love Bridges the Irish Sea
45 Nature: The Last One of Them
46 Article of the Week: Smile When You Call Him "Hurlig"
48 The Marvelous Story of Hurlig Foootz by "Noodles Nader"  [do not try to read this]
55 The Happiest Man in the World
56 Sports: Sinful Squasher Squashes, Sins
60 Misanthropy: Disputin' Fig Newton (upside down Liff reader)
Inside Back Cover - 1962 1/2 Polksragen/Yale Co-Op (ad parody/real ad)
Back Cover - B. Altman & Co, (real ad)