Layboy Revisited (Dick Enersen) - Stanford Chaparral - June 1965 - 56 pages

This "revisited" edition of its Playboy parody (after Layboy 1961) does not contain as much parody material as the original.  The main features are the James Bond parody ("James Bong" in "Organ Trouble Over Quad"), the Carol Doda (1937-2015) centerfold, and "Little Orfan Fannie".  Bong and Fannie both take place on the Stanford campus where the spy is solving a crime in drag and, Fannie is trying to get a student body card.  Ms. Doda really seems out-of-place in a college parody.  She was the most famous stripper in San Francisco - appearing nightly at the Condor Club, breaking new ground for clothing-optional dancers, and getting arrested a few.  I saw Ms. Doda's act one time when I was on a bowling trip (and single) with some of my U.S. Navy buddies.  By the time I saw her circa 1971, it was not a pretty sight.  The best part of Layboy II is the cartoon artwork.  Unlike most college parodies of the 1960s, the Stanford staff included many excellent artists.  [JAM 6/20/2017]

Front Cover - Rondi Young
3  Laybill
4  Index
7  Layboy After Hours
10 Bunny cartoon
11 The Layboy Advisor
13 The Layboy Philosophy by "Hugh Betcha" (Pete Steinhart and Hendrie)
15 Cemetery cartoon by "Gahan Wylson" (Dick Enersen and Mike Wright)
16 Organ Trouble Over Quad by "Iam Flaming" (Dave Harris with drawing by Rich Garlinghouse)
19 What Sort of Man Reads Layboy?
20 A Bod in the Hand by "Wright Studlystories"
23 Party cartoon by "Sikol"
25 Carol Doda
30 Layboy's Party Jokes
31 Ursula Andress by "Ruggas" (drawing by Mike Rugg)
33 Piebald Classic by Kent Anderson
35 Museum cartoon by "Shoemuker"
37 Nudist Camp cartoon by "John Dimpsey" (Mike Wright)
38 Cliche Fieldtrip by "Shel Pewtermug" (Lynn Mollere)
41 The Girls of Stanford
45 Venus Fly Trap cartoon by "Gone Wilson"
46 Layboy at His Leisure
49 Desert Island cartoon by Newton
51 Fencing cartoon by Newton
53 Little Orfan Fannie by "Horny Kurtzman and Will Holder" (Mike Rugg and Kent Anderson)
Inside Back Cover - Kramette Thermometers (ad parody)
Back Cover - Gleim's Jewelers (real ad)