Layboy (Brad Efron) - Stanford Chaparral - May 1961 - 60 pages

Editor Efron wrote the first piece of short fiction ("smut") in this parody of Playboy from the Palo Alto campus.  In "Lady Chatterley's Liker", the "Mistress of Wragby" has her first meeting with the "new Gameskeeper of Wragby" in the woods where the gameskeeper has been shooting cows with a tommy-gun.  The gameskeeper proposes an evening meeting but the lady claims to be three years behind in her American Heritage reading.  The gameskeeper continues his advances but they finally decide to just be friends who "go on afternoon coffee dates and stuff."  The Chaparral editorial staff wisely kept the articles short and aimed the entire issue at the Stanford student body with numerous reference to "the farm", "dollies" and "Fun Stan".  The artwork is very good throughout the issue and the photos of the campus queens would satisfy any potential college censor.  The cover drawing by Nick Shoumatoff depicts an aging Layboy rabbit with pipe and smoking jacket and his pudgy, cigarette-smoking bunny looking sadly at their offspring - rabbit above the waist and human toddler below the waist.  The 60 pages are filled with typical campus advertisements but the inside back cover is dedicated to an ad parody for "Kramette Thermometers" ("If you can find a better thermometer ... Kramette!").  The censors missed that one.  [JAM 3/26/2016]

Front Cover - Rabbit with bunny and offspring by Nick Shoumatoff
1  Laybill
4  Contents ("For young men on their way up who like")
7  Dear Layboy
9  Playboy After Ours by Mike Datisman
12 Announcing the Exclusive Layboy Key Clubs
13 The Layboy Advisor
14 Lady Chatterley's Liker by Brad Efron (drawing by Moore)
16 John Birch cartoon
17 A Fable of the Farm -- I by Roger Tippy (drawing by Bud Skibizke)
18 Silverstein Among the Zetes by Brad Efron, Lou Padulo and Doug Newton 
20 Dating cartoon by "Jack Cool" (drawing by Drew Fagan)
21 Love With Fear ("erotic realism") by Mike Datisman (drawing by A.)
22 Light Bulb cartoon by Bud Skibitzke and Efron
23 The Ratts by "Jules Pfeiffer" (drawings by Kent)
24 Bar cartoon by "Interlando" (drawing by Fagan)
25 Classical Music is O.K. by Al Dodworth
28 Highway patrolman cartoon by "Sokold" (drawing by Fagan)
29 A Fable of the Farm -- II by Judy Skinner
30 Dollies Down on the Farm ("bitchery and abomination") by Lou Padulo
34 Layboy's Party Jokes (drawings by Nick Shoumatoff)
35 Nun cartoon by Bud Ski
36 "Lakgas" Girl by W.J. Kitchen
37 Ribald Classic: The Ass and the Cuckold by Brad Efron (drawings by A.)
38 Son of Teevie-Jeebies Returns to Peyton Place (snickers") by Mars
40 Go Breast Young Man!
43 Layboy's Sophisticated Road Signs by Dick Enersen and Lou Padulo
46 The Cave Man by Sharon Cobb
51 Females by Cole: Stanford
58 Graveyard cartoon by Kelsie
60 Layboy Flunks Out by Patrick Pending
Inside Back Cover - Kramette Themometers (ad parody)
Back Cover - Gleim Jewelers (real ad)