Lavender in Your Lemonade (Chris Erskine) - The Sager Group - 2020 - 214 pages

This is the best pandemic chronicle I have read.  Author Erskine has recently retired from the LA Times where he worked as a writer for thirty years.  In the past few years, his weekly columns in the "Saturday" section have been excellent.  We have gotten to know his wonderful family through comedy and tragedy.  We were all stunned by the recent loss of his wife to cancer, and of his oldest son to an auto accident.  But through it all, he continued to entertain his readers.  Lavender in Your Lemonade outlines the daily struggles that we have all had with the lockdown and the threat of COVID-19.  In this book, Erskine manages to find small things every day to make us smile.  His life is an open book.  I am looking forward to the next chapter.  [JAM 10/6/2020]