Ladies' Home Journal Number (Norman Anthony) - Judge - September 17, 1927

Humorist Sidney James Perelman (1904-1979) wrote for Judge magazine before he became famous for his books and screenplays.  He is credited here for the feature article ("For the Honor of Old Nassau").  He may have also written "Beauty Hints for the Business Woman" by "Dr. Nell Perelman" and "A Little Heart-to-Heart Talk" by "Gladys Perelman."  In these early magazine parodies ("numbers"), it is sometimes hard to tell if the authors' names are real or joke-names.  The parody ends at some point when the magazine reverts to the typical 1920s jokes & poems.  The last "Journal" page is the ad parody for "Jumbo Motor Cars" on page 21.  This magazine parody is quite tame when compared to the post-World War II college magazine parodies that dominated the humor market in the 1950s. [JAM 4/1/2021]

Front Cover: Painting of woman feeding her dog with a baby bottle while man watches and smiles (art by Delevant)
01 Unseamly Hosiery Contented Calves (ad parody)
02 Sunbrick Concrete Health Biscuits (ad parody; drawings by Frank Hanley)
03 For the Honor of Old Nassau: Another One of Those Dog Stories by Sidney J. Perelman
04 More Power to Your Elbows: (A Harp-to-Harp Talk) by Julia Margaret-Anne O'Shaughnessy
05 Beauty Hints for the Business Woman by Dr. Nell Perelman
06 Helps for Home Desecrator
08 Kewtieville: Apologies to Rose O'Neill (drawings by MacHamer)
09 How Are Your Harmones? [sexual organs] by Sybil Clack Hanneman]
10 A Greater Painting Than the Mona Lisa! by Editor Norman Anthony (painting by Norman Anthony)
12 Can Women Ever Understand Men Really? by Associate Editor Richard J. Walsh
13 Utopia: By Oliver Hooey (drawing by Wud "with apologies to Oliver Herford")
14 A Little Heart-to-Heart Talk by Gladys Perelman
15 The Current Drayma: A Review by [Dramatic Editor] George Jean Nathan (photos by Alfred Cheney Johnston)
16 If You Had This Living Room What Would You Do With It? by Amy Winsome Walrus
17 Who Said You Knew Anything? by Henry William Hanemann; A Good Bran Mash is a Great Help
18 My Story of the Infant Art: As Told by Jesse Zucker to His Venerable Press Agent Petronious Lorentz
19 To be Up-to-Date We Knit an Old-Time Afghaf by Jacqueline Cluett; What Do You Know About Your Journal?; Journal of a Girl
20 The Office Dorg (jokes; cartoons by Frank Hanley and Tousey; poem by Phil Rosa)
21 Jumbo Motor Cars (ad parody; drawings by Paul Reilly "apologies to Paige")
22 The Cheer Leaders (college humor; drawings by Hubler, Gofran and others)
24-25 (reprinted jokes and cartoons - signed but unreadable)
26 The Cuckoo Islands (child humor); High Heels (entertainment notes by "Judgette")
27 (real ad for Little Blue Books)
28 Ragman cartoon by Illustrierter Tage
29 Our Own Contributor's Corner (profile of Donald McKee and jokes)
30 Crossword Puzzle
31 High Hat Club News (jokes and poems by "Judge Jr.")
32 Winner of Judge's Balloon Contest No. 2; jokes and cartoon by "Passing Show")
Inside Back Cover: Miss Hetty Harbuck discovers a beauty secret (subscription ad)
Back Cover: (real Camel cigarettes ad)