Judge (Norman Anthony) - Curtis Publishing - 1926 (32 pages)


Judge magazine was a weekly publication that began in 1881.  The 2,323rd issue was a parody of The Saturday Evening Post that appeared on newsstands dated May 8, 1926.  The cover was a Rockwell-style painting of a hobo, with his knapsack on a stick, driving an automobile.

The first story is a short parody of P.G. Wodehouse ("P.G. Roadhouse") wherein Jeeves forgets to drop his "h's" because he has been reading "... those bloody Octavus Roy Chen stories ..." and similar styles that include servant stereotypes.  There were also short offerings: (1) "The Proof of the Pudding" where the author concludes that Prohibition is "... greatest contribution (to) ... humanity since Moses brought down the Ten Commandments ..."  Several absurd benefits are listed including "There is less sand in the sugar and the spinach." (2) "Memories of an Old Playgoer" by Samuel Blythe Marcosson who remembers great plays from 1492 to 1881 as well as "... the beautiful legs of the girl ... the night Lincoln was shot at Ford's Theater ..."

The articles are short and funny but the heart of the 32-page publication are the advertisement parodies.  In an obvious jab at the Post and its numerous ads, Judge offers at least 22 classic parodies including "Shambles' Musical Soup," "Whatsup Snubulators" (public servants who sleep) and "Staticola" (noisy radio - "Tube B or not Tube B").

Judge pays special attention to the excessive advertisements in modern magazines that extol the wonderfulness of automobiles.  Parodies identify the attributes of "The One-Way Pewit Six," "The Sickly Six," "Fudge Sisters Putter Cars," "Leaping Lena Six Four," "The New Standstill" and "Billys-Fright."

As great as the parody ads were, the real ads in Judge were even better.  At times, it was hard to determine which were which.  The following appeared to be actual advertisements with real mailing addresses.

"A perfect nose shaped at home while you sleep.  Rapid, painless and safe.  The Anita is the genuine and most comfortable nose supporter absolutely guaranteed.  Highly recommended by physicians."  ["Before" and "After" noses are shown.]

"Why starve yourself to reduce?  Why not give a chance to Silph like ordinary gum!  Safe - Easy - Pleasant - No diets - No exercises - No dangerous drugs.  'Eleven doctors above our store and 2/3 of these doctors recommend Silph'  Hover Drug Co., Bay City, Mich."

"Why go around with a 'bay window' - when you can get rid of it instantly! ... the Weil Reducing Belt produces exactly the same results as an expert masseur ... gently and easily the dangerous fat is massaged away.  Constipation, backaches, stomach trouble, shortness of breath disappear as your sagging organs are put back in their normal positions."

"Bow legs?  Our garter (pat'd) makes trousers hang straight" [with illustration]

"Tire punctured 857 times leaks no air"

"Make $2.50 an hour your profits in advance Stay-Prest Trouser Presser ... Mary Roberts made $10.00 in one evening."

"Mothersill's seasick remedy stops train sickness."

This 1926 issue of Judge is a treasure.  Many of the jokes are still funny almost eight decades later.  The editors of Judge set the standard for advertisement parodies a quarter of a century before Harvey Kurtzman unleashed his Mad artists upon the parody scene. [JAM archive]

Front Cover - Hobo Driver (painting by Jackson)
Inside Front Cover - Kellys Wont Skid! (drawing by Robert Patterson)
1  The Bitter Bluick (ad parody)
2  Poker Game (painting)
3  Why Jeeves! by P.G. Roadhouse
4  The Proof of the Pudding by William Morris Houghton (drawing by Ward)
5  Memories of an Old Playgoer by Samuel Blythe Marcosson
6  Short Turns and Ennui (jokes)
7  Shambles' Musical Soup (ad parody)
8  Tremp Tremp Tremp drawing by Milt Gross
9  The One-Way Pewit Six (ad parody - drawing by "James Trembath with apologies)
11 Zebra Farming and What It Means to You (ad parody)
12 The Glorious Art of Well Being
13 A memorable Date by William Sanford
14 XXX Liquid Containers (ad parody)
16 The Sickly Six (ad parody - drawing by R.B. Fuller)
18 Watsup Snubilators (drawing by Tousez)
19 Jawnson's Liquid Wax (ad parody - drawing by James Trembath)
20 Staticola (ad parody - drawing by RBF)
22 Fudge Sisters (ad parody)
24 Greasola (drawing by Tousey); Dopont Duko (drawing by A.B. Walker) - ad parodies
25 Eskimo cartoon by "jon herold with apologies to jon herold"
26 Leaping=Lena Six Four (ad parody - drawing by "Tousey with apologies")
27 She Never Knew
28 The New Standstill (ad parody - drawing by James Trembath)
30 Venom Shaving Cream (ad parody); Walentine's Walspar (ad parody - drawing by Tousey); SEP cartoon by Crawford Young)
31 Billys-Fright (ad parody)
32 Winner of Draw Your Own Conclusions (drawings by Milt Gross and Jefferson MacArthur)
Back Cover - Camel cigarettes (real ad)