Jesters League of America (Roy Thomas/Wally Wood) - Topps Krazy Little Comics 1967 (8 pages - 2.5" x 3.5")

On the front (parody of Justice League of America), Wonder Woman and Batman are tripping Superman who has a "$" on his chest.  Green Lantern is dropping an egg on the Atom who is giving Batman a hot foot.

Page 2 - the team has received a note from their "worstest enemy" threatening to "rub you out."  Honkman is the "featherweight champ."

Page 3 - Wonder Woman's rope is out of control.  Green Lantern has a light bulb on his chest and is stepping on the Atom.  A photo of Popeye is hanging on the wall.  Honkman is in a birdcage.

Page 4 - the green martian is growing hair.  The Flush has a male symbol on his chest replacing the lightning bolt.

Page 5 - the gang is ready for the worstest enemy.  Green Lantern has a candle on his chest.  Green Arrow is being crowded out of the manel.

Page 6 - the enemy is an eraser.

Page 7 - the enemy is artist Wally Wood who is tired of drawing do many superheroes. 

Page 8 - ad for "Ant Farm" with a giant ant playing with a small boy buried in the farm. 

I think that Roy and Wally ran out out of ideas by the time they got to this one but I still love the drawings. [JAM 12/4/2009]