Interface (Neal Stephenson and J. Frederick George) - Bantam Dell - 1994 - 618 pages

The incumbent president is threatening to declare that the national debt is void; and somebody has implanted a computer chip in the brain of an independent candidate for the 1996 presidential election.  That is all you need to know about the first 400 pages of this novel wherein authors Stephenson and George explain how all of this could happen.  After that, the story becomes a crazy page-turner of twists and turns at a national level.  I believe that this is their statement about the condition of U.S. politics in the 1990s.  There is very little mention here about Democrat or Republican as if the parties are interchangeable.  I wonder what they would think now.  The entire plot of the book is explained by "Lady Wiburdon" on page 523.  [JAM 10/31/2018]