Here Comes Trouble (Michael Moore) - Grand Central Publishing - 2011 - 427 pages

This is an excellent autobiography written in the flowing style of his movies with no attempt at chronological order or comprehensive facts.  Moore relates his life with a series of "nonfiction stories" that explain who he is and where he has been.  For me, Moore has always been the guy who runs into the burning building while most others are running out of it.  Who else has confronted Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush (anti-war speech at Oscars), the Elk's Club, the Davison school board (at age 18), the Flint police, the Aryan Nation, Roger Ebert and a crazy man with a loaded shotgun?  I was especially touched by the chapter titled "Zoe" wherein Moore tells about a platonical high school relationship with a female friend and the actions he took in a crisis when she really needed someone.  The stories in the book, except the epilogue and the last chapter, take place before he started making movies.  A second book is planned to feature his entertainment career.  I am a big fan of Cousin Michael, and I personally believe that this is his best work to date.  [JAM 9/28/2011]